Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday - May 28 1975

The Philadelphia Mounted Police lead the Flyers' Victory Parade - Frank Rizzo in charge

Today's "Throwback Thursday" (which I'm late posting put it's not midnight yet) is the Philadelphia Flyers' Victory Parade through center city Philadelphia May 28, 1975.  

Our heroes - the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team

I remember that day just like it was last year.  The Philadelphia Flyers (Philadelphia's hockey team) won the Stanley Cup from the Boston Bruins.  Their win was a big deal not only because they won because this was the FIRST big win of any sports franchise for Philadelphia ever.  Prior to this date the only time Philadelphia won anything was when the Philadelphia Phillies (baseball) won the National League pennant in 1950.  That win was soured because the Phillies went on to lose the World Series in four straight games to the powerful New York Yankees.  So this win by the Philadelphia Flyers got Philadelphia's reputation back as a first class city and not just a way stop between New York City and Washington D.C.

Check out the fans on the bus bringing up the rear

I took these pictures from the third floor of Girard Bank where I worked during those long ago days.  I was so lucky to have a job in the city.  I was also in center city when the Philadelphia Phillies won the National League pennant over the Montreal Expos then the World Series from the Houston Astros.  How how sweet it was.  I have photos of that fabulous center city celebration too.  But for today's Throwback Thursday, Philly celebrating their first big time win, sweet.  

A typical spring lunch crowd in center city Philly (when the Flyers win!) 


Jack said...

Oh yes, I remember that, the parade was Philly's answer to a ticker tape parade from New York. There's one thing you can say about Philly fans, they are vocal, rowdy but loyal to the end, good or bad. To be honest, there isn't very much negative I can say about Philly. I grew up there, went to school (college) there and had many "firsts" there also. If I had the where with all I would move back, even though I probably wouldn't like the changes that have occurred both good and bad.
Good TBT though, thanks.

Ron said...

Of course you being from Philly know the inferiority complex that Philly always had. We both grew up with it. The Flyers winning the Stanley Cup in 1975 was finally the start of Philly shedding its inferiority complex. And you're right, Philly has the best fans. What other fans would throw snowballs at Santa at an Eagles game? I agree with you, there isn't too much negative that I can say about Philly either.

nitewrit said...


Ah, yes, 1975, the last year we were friends with rabid Flyer fans, who at that time were our best friends of several years. We spent a lot of nights drinking, playing cards with a Flyers game in the background, or sometimes pulling him out a bar to escape a fight or off the street to escape an arrest. We were living in Jersey then, but prior to that our friends and we lived in the same apartment building and two Flyers (the Watson brothers) were our neighbors.


Ron said...

Those were the times weren't they Larry?