Monday, December 01, 2014

Glorious Monday

Black Friday shoppers 2014

So did you all survive Black Friday?  We did and that's because we didn't even go out.  Are you kidding me?  

Bill and sat in our sunroom and watched the steady stream of traffic racing down Route One to Rehoboth Beach and the tax free outlet malls.  Go for it folks!  

We finally ventured out today to Millsboro and our regular shopping venue, B.J.'s Wholesale Club.  We love that store!  

What else I'm loving is my binge watching of "Breaking Bad" every night.  Last night I ended the episode with Jesse breaking into Walter's house and splashing gasoline around to BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!  What IS Jesse's problem?  

Jesse "Yo bitch!" Pinkham with "Mike" in "Breaking Bad"

He has five million dollars and he's riding around the poor section of Albuquerque thawing wads of $100 bills out of his car window.  I only have two discs left of my Netflix queue to watch then I go into serious withdrawal.  What am I going to watch next?  Ron Burgandy, Anchorman II?  Give me a break.

As you can see there is no overlying theme to this blog posting.  I haven't posted since Friday because I feel the need to bitch and complain about various subjects but I'm trying to be a good boy and write positive posts.  Uplifting and enlightening posts that elicit ego boosting comments and huzzahs.  Hey, what can I tell you?

The past couple of days I've been updating my account family tree.  I have over 9,000 names in it now (yes, I am descended from THAT many people as you and everyone else on this planet is).  Updating my family tree with information and photos is very relaxing for me.  

My other relaxation is reading.  I read real books, not this electronic crap the market is trying to convert us too.  I'm going to do a little bitching here but have you noticed that you're still paying over $10 or more for a book to DOWNLOAD and read them?  Hey, someone is making a big profit because they don't have to print the book, distribute it and absorb the losses for the books that aren't sold.  I suspect that over time that online books will come down in price.  I've read a few online and they are convenient (mostly at work actually because I don't want to be caught with a real book reading it) but at home I like to hold onto a real book.  Call me old fashion but I'm holding firm on this one.

Only a little over a month until I catch the big bird and fly out to Los Angeles to meet my friend Pat from Toronto for our mutual birthday celebrations.  We'll spend ten days in LA, hitting all the usual tourist spots and taking, yes you guessed it, LOTS of pictures. I still have oodles of photos from my Toronto vacation this past August that I have to share with you all.  

Los Angeles, California

Next up, addressing my Christmas cards.  Yep, it's that time of year again folks.  This year I'm cutting back on the cards.  Got to make some hard choices.  I was actually tempted not to send any cards just to see who would send me one but maybe that's a little harsh.  Addressing and sending Christmas cars is my thing for Christmas, I don't do much else but I'm waning on the cards to.  Closing down folks, what can I say?

I hope you're all having a Glorious Monday too because I am.  


Jay M. said...

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a quiet weekend (no Black Friday for me, either).
I had anything but a quiet Monday. Work drove me to distraction!

Ready for Christmas!
Peace <3

Ron said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jack said...

I will be held captive for the next 24 days. I live DIRECTLY BEHIND the biggest and most popular mall in the area and there is only one way in and one way out of my little subdivision. When I worked I was 2 1/2 miles from work. Leaving 15 minutes ahead of time left me enough time to park, go to the office and prepare for the day. During the time starting with Black Friday up until 6pm December 24 just getting out of here takes sometimes 30 minutes. It's crazy. Anyway, I don't go to the mall, for Black Friday or for any other Friday, Saturday etc.
Wow, your Ancestry account is definitely in the stratosphere, I have 1250 names at present and that's because I stopped adding cousins removed past 2nd cousins. I just found that the more I added, the more I was feeling overwhelmed. Those I have listed go back to the 15th century and beyond. I am going to have the Ancestry DNA done, should have signed up for it when it was $79.00 instead of the usual $99.00. I will probably wait till it goes on sale again.
I gave up on Christmas cards to friends, mostly just do family now. It is an expensive proposition these days and I don't write so good anymore, a rubber stamp with my signature or auto pen just doesn't send a warm and fuzzy vibe.
I also read my books with the Kindle. I started when my mother was sick and I had a lot of spare time on my hands. It was good for reading in dim light. I got so used to using the thing that holding a book feels awkward. I do have a rule, I don't spend more than $5.99 per download unless it's something I really want to read. I just started a book about Andersonville Prisoner of War camp. My namesake and great grandfather was a pow and one of the 13,000 or so casualties. He is buried in the cemetery and his marker is on FAG. Some day I would like to visit the cemetery and find his grave. Andersonville (Fort Sumpter) is now a historical site.
I have to stop, I take up too much of your time.

Ron said...

Never apologize for taking up too much of my time. Your comments are always insightful and interesting. In regards to being trapped behind a shopping mall: last year the largest mall for Sussex County was proposed right down the road (Route One) where I live. While I would like to have a decent mall nearby without going to Rehoboth, I probably too would be trapped like you are now. However, I'm willing to take that chance to at least have a decent mall. Christiana Mall (which I've never ben too) is too far away and the Dover Mall is old an out of date and too cramped, not worth the 39 mile trip.
On my I fill out the family trees as far as the limbs will take me because once I'm gone, that information will be available to all. However, I do concentrate on my immediate family but I've given up on current births because many of my family members don't want to have anything to do with me because I'm gay (I do have a very conservative, mostly right wing family with one exception) and in today's paranoid environment of privacy, most family members are very uncomfortable giving me that information on birth and marriages even though I tell them all that will not be available to the general public as long as they're alive. I just concentrate on historical records now and fill in the missing spaces.
For electronic books, I do like reading them (turning the pages electronically is so cool and convinced me) but I still prefer the feel of a real book. However, I agree with you that lying in bed with a big hardcover book is awkward.

Looks like we both have very interesting Civil War histories with our ancestors. You should visit his ancestor's grave if you get a chance. I finally did visit my great-great grandfather John Tipton who was killed in the Civil War (by Confederate soldiers while recruiting for the the Union Cause). For years I didn't know where he was buried but found out by accident and visited last year. Quite a moving experience. Now if I just had a photo of him. I was thrilled to find a photo of his wife (my great-great grandmother) when she was much older. Wouldn't you like to go back in time and visit them? I often think that.
Have a great day Jack!

Ur-spo said...

I like proper books too. The hold, the touch, the smell (particularly the redolence of old used books). lovely