Monday, August 06, 2012

I'm Hooked!

I'm hooked now!  I just finished watching the first two DVD's of "Six Feet Under" from my Netflix rental.

Oh sure, I know I'm late to the game of "Six Feet Under" devotees.  I don't get HBO, too expensive for me.  So what I do is wait until these series come out on DVD's and rent them.

I like the way they open up each episode with a death. The one last night was a doozy.  An old Italian baker climbed into his giant mixing bowl checking for insects while his nervous assistant was outside the bowl.  The assistant freaked out when he spied a giant insect on his arm and lost his balance, falling and accidentally hitting the "ON" button of the mixer!  The old Italian baker got blended!

First thing I thought "Oh PLEASE DON'T SHOW ME!"  Thank God they didn't.  The assistant nervously climbed to the top of the giant bowl and looked down in and the screen faded to white.  Yes, that's what I like.  No need to see the blood and gore.  Thank you, thank you.

So that was how that episode opened.  A major reconstructive challenge for "Freddy" at the Fisher Funeral Home.  The baker's body was delivered in a bag in PIECES!  They lost a foot somewhere along the way.  I LOVE IT!

Like all series, there are several story lines going on at the same time.  Perhaps the only thing I can fault the show with is the smacking sounds that the characters make when they go into their face sucking kissing modes.  These erotic scenes seem to be unique to American made series, all the groping, slobbering, grunting and sucking sounds of kissing.  You don't see this crap in British made series.  It just isn't necessary.  Does anybody enjoy watching "suck! smack! suck!" scenes?  They used to drive my Mother crazy.  I turn on the mute button on my remote when I see one of these obligatory scenes coming on.  However, if you can get past that, this is a pretty damn good show.

If you haven't seen it, rent the DVD's.  It is well worth it.  I especially like the macabre humor interlaced throughout the story.  I don't go for the blood and gore or the sloppy sex scenes but I do like good black humor and there is plenty in "Six Feet Under."  Good show!


Mark said...

Six Feet Under is/was one of the best shows ever. I started watching it about a year into the series. You have the great opportunity to watch all the Seasons at once. So much fun!
Yes, there is a lot of kissing and such going on and yes, you don't see that in British shows so much. But as I hear, the British don't have sex anyway so there you are. You need to watch some French shows and you'll be enlightened!
I'm so excited for you to watch this Series and I can't wait until you see the last 10 minutes of the last show. I should drive down and watch it with you.

Miles Slatcher said...

The Executive Producer of the series is gay.

Bob said...

We also live in an HBO-free house, so I learned to love Six Feet from DVDs. Then I found Michael C Hall on Dexter and learned to love him too.

Ron said...


I agree with you 100%! I LOVE THIS SHOW! SO GOOD! That's what my friend Robert (who I work with) said when I told him I was going to watch this series. He said "". Totally agree.
I'm more used to the actors now and I take back my previous complaints except for the "SMACK! SMACK!" kissing. So annoying and unnecessary but a small price to pay to watch good drama, good actors and a good story.
I'll finish watching season 1 this weekend. I already have season 2 in my queue. I wish I could get Bill to watch it with me but he doesn't like movies. So much we don't have in common.


Ron said...


I knew someone had to be gay who was involved in the show because they have all the gay scenes down pat (so to speak).

Good to hear from you Miles! I hope all is well with you and Tim.


Ron said...


I'm learning to love Michael C. Hall. It took me awhile to get used to the actors but I like them all now. I've heard a lot about "Dexter". I'll have to check out that series after I finish watching "Six Feet Under." Have you seen "Downton Abbey"?


Ur-spo said...

wait until you see the ending/finale - brilliant !

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I'm getting ready (in a few minutes) to watch the season 2 DVD's that I just received from Netflix this week. Love this show!