Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan - Blatant LIAR

Paul Ryan, the Republican Vice Presidential nominee gave his speech last night at the Republican Convention.  Yes, the same Paul Ryan who wants to do eliminate Medicare as we know it by replacing it with a voucher program.  The same Paul Ryan who proposed reducing Medicare benefit payments TO BENEFICIARIES by 716 billion dollars.  The same Paul Ryan who claimed that President Obama is responsible for the closing of the Janesville Wisconsin plant (it was closed under the Bush administration, before President Obama took office)....yes, that Paul Ryan spewed out these lies last night during his Republican Convention speech. Even a columunist for Fox News (Sally Kohn) said Ryan set the world record for the biggest number of blatant  lies in a convention speech.  Of course most of the mainstrem press will ignore or gloss over Ryan's lies because they want access to interview him at a later date. For more of the specifics of Ryan's lies go here.

I didn't watch his whole speech (I didn't have my barf bucket handy) but what I did see and hear (the hate and vitriol) gave me the same chills I got when I watched Pat Buchanan give his hate filled speech at the 1992 Republican Convention in Dallas, Texas.  When I watched that speech by Buchanan, another thin lipped Republican,  I was a registered Republican.  Up until that speech I had been a registered Republican all my life.  But when I heard what he said about gays like me, a chill went down my back when I saw his hateful words cheered with enthusiasm by the all white Republican conventioneers.  The last time I saw such an enthusiastic crowd cheer such hate was when I saw old newsreel films of "good Germans" cheering Adolf Hitler.

I was in shock for a few days thereafter.  When I realized that this political party was not MY political party because I was not welcomed because of my sexual orientation.

Since that moment of awareness in 1992 I have watch the Republican party move from one of honesty and concern for the middle class to one of far right wing, intolerant religious views who had no compunction about using hatred of gays to tip an election in their favor.

These days demonizing gays and using fear of gays to swing elections in their favor are gone as more American voters realize that we gays will not destroy the county.  These days what the shameless Republicans do is lie, lie, and lie.  This is the influence of Mr. Banality of Evil himself, Karl Rove.

So take a look at this baby blue eyed Liar Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan, he of the werewolf hairline.  He's a liar and if he and the soulless Mitt Romney are elected president be afraid, very afraid.


Amanda said...

I am not watching any republican or democratic convention. I am so
sick of it all. Sorry!

Ron said...


I understand completely! I am not watching the convention but I do watch the recap on MSNBC the next day. I can't help myself being the political junkie that I am. :) I will be so glad when this election is over. Three more months of this!


anne marie in philly said...

so much hate and bullshit from F-L-A. wake the hell up, american people, before our country is stolen out from under us!