Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Time for a new feature here in Ron's world, "The Weekly Roundup" of items too small to justify a singular post:

  • My right leg is all right.  My doctor called me yesterday with the results of the X-ray of my right leg that was taken last week.  He said it "showed some deterioration of the cartilage around my right femur" (sounds serious), probably as a "result of my age" (there we go we me being OLD again.  Well folks, I ain't getting a leg replacement so there.
  • The hotel hired a replacement for my co-worker who was calling me EVERY WEEK to come in and work for her.  The good news is that he's a 60 year old man and thus probably going to have a lot less drama than a female co-worker (sorry gals, that's always been my experience with my lady co-workers).  Next week I'm working four days in a row again, training him on Monday night.  Looks like I'll miss watching the Repuglican National Convention next week unless Hurricane Isaac blows them away in Tampa (and would that be JUST TOO BAD)
  • Summer is coming to an end, I can feel it in the air.  We have been SO BUSY this summer with guests at the hotel, screaming kiddies and all. While they bring the big bucks to the local economy I won't be too sad to see the last little screaming girl jumping up and down and all the calls to the hotel asking "Do you have a pool?"
  • I'm losing weight.  I'm not trying to lose weight but I just don't have the appetite for full sized meals anymore.  I still like to eat good food but I cannot eat regular restaurant sized portions.  I suspect this is another sign of GETTING OLDER.
  • I did some major unfriending in my Facebook account.  I just don't have the patience to read all the hate Obama messages that some of my relatives insist on posting to their Facebook account.  I frankly don't care if I never hear from them again (the relatives that is).  I continue to be amazed at how the news media in large lets the Liar Romney get away with his bald faced lies.  You know what the saying is don't you?  Throw enough mud (a four letter word beginning with "s" and ending in "t" is usually used but I'm trying to keep this a Family Friendly blog), some of it will stick.  And then there are those who hate President Obama so much they will believe everything and anything bad about Obama.  How anyone can take this birther nonsense seriously is beyond my mental comprehension.  Also, remember that all the Republicans want to do when they get into power is cut taxes for the rich, cut the social safety net programs, enact social legislation like redefining the definition of rape and repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell."  Whatever happened to jobs?  
  • Last week I when Bill and I were at Loew's in Millsboro we saw they had their Halloween decorations out.  Can Christmas be far behind?  Is it me or are the seasons being pushed earlier and earlier every year?  I do less and less each year for holiday decorations.  The more I'm pushed, the more I pull back.
  • This morning I visited my longtime friend Big Bob and his partner Jim.  Not any better folks, not any better.  I felt like I was in a scene from "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest."  I would go into more detail but I usually get slammed for writing anything about them even though I don't give full names.  And I'm not one of these people who makes up names (or stories).  There is a very simple reason I don't do so, I can't remember my lies. Maybe if I had a real talent for bald face lying like Willard "Mittster" Romney, I would.  My "talents", such as there are, lie elsewhere.
  • The past few months I've been on a reading binge about the Holocaust.  Many years ago I read several books that were written by the survivors of the Holocaust.  I couldn't help but notice the obvious parallel on how so many were led to their deaths in the gas chambers by the Nazi Germans by lies (they were going for a "shower" before their work detail) and today's Republican party lying to seniors about not touching Medicare or Social Security.  Yes, I did it.  I made the "Nazi" reference in referring to today's Repuglican Party.  No apologies.  They are out to destroy people like me.  I see through the lies.  God help us if they ever get in power.
It's raining now.  We haven't had much rain around these parts this summer.  The endless sunny days have been good for the tourist business but bad for the farmers. I have yet to put my feet on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach.  I used to go five or six times a week.  The traffic has been so horrendous this year that I didn't even try.  Maybe a few weeks after Labor Day I'll venture into salt water taffy land.

I have my "Six Feet Under" DVD's and I'm ready to settle in for a night of serious soap opera and macabre humor.  

Have a good night everyone!


anne marie in philly said...

happy to hear you do not need a replacement right leg. and YAYZ - no more drama llama coworker; SOME women are a PITA at the office, but not me.

we are getting xmoose catalogs both here and at my office. they get recycled immediately.

thank dog the rugrats will be going back to school soon. and I don't have to worry about any of that shizz since I have no rugrats!

mittens is losing the women's vote and he wonders why there is a gender gap; YA THINK it's because his political party hates us? HELLZ YEAH!

FB can go to hell. so can the a-holes in tampa.

hugs to you and bill!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Not all women are drama queens at work. I've had some male co-workers (always the young ones) were were very undependable too. I think us older folk are more settled down and dependable.

I love seeing kids having fun on their vacation at the hotel but man oh man, sometimes the little screaming girls jumping up and down get on my nerves.

I haven't been on FB since I unfriended my cousin Randy. I don't want to see all the negative comments because I've unfriended him and his nasty, negative postings about President Obama. I like Facebook for keeping in touch with relatives that and pictures of their families and other goings on. I don't need someone trying to brainwash me with their asshole political views.


Ur-spo said...

I like your round ups; I enjoy getting 'the news' this way.

Ron said...

Thank you Dr. Spo. Your opinions carry a lot of weight with me. You bring out the best in me (and I suspect many others too.)