Friday, July 06, 2012


Bill in his sauna this morning

Oh yeah, we're sweltering under this heat wave like much of the country.  No break for us here on the coastal shores of southern Delaware.   Usually when the rest of the country get slapped with a heat wave, we lucky folks here on the Atlantic coast smugly bask in ocean breezes.  Not this summer folks.  Oh no, we are wilting.

Bill upped the time our backyard irrigation system is on from 25 minutes to an hour.  The birds love it!  You know this hot weather is hard on our critter friends?  I feel so bad when I see at the birds at my planter oval panting, waiting for their turn at one of my three bird baths.  I even put out extra saucers of water that the birds now use to relief from the heat.  I have to change the water five and six times a day.  I love doing this.  This is my volunteer effort.

The days are starting to get shorter.  I noticed it tonight when I took my walk in the Oyster Rocks development behind where we live.  Usually I can walk until 9 o'clock until the moon shines in the sky above.  Tonight that old moon showed up at about 8:40 pm.  Won't be long now until the Purple Martins in our backyard raise the last of their young this season and take off for their long journey to South America to spend the winter.  I'm sort of looking forward to fall and winter.  Not that I don't love summer, I do but I appreciate the change in seasons.  I don't think I would ever be happy living in part of the country where the seasons didn't change.

Tomorrow the temps are forecast to hit 104 degrees.  Bill and I made our Walmart Run early this morning so we don't have to go out tomorrow at all.  The only reason I have to go out tomorrow is to change the bird baths.  By the way, why do the birds always poop in their birdbaths?  Just asking.

Stay cool!


wcs said...

Hang in there! And stay hydrated. :)

Ron said...


Didn't you have a heat wave like this a few years ago in France where many people died? I just came in from a morning drive and a walk around at a local flea market and I feel like I'm going to pass out. it must be true what they say about old people and the heat, I can't handle this heat and humidity. The rest of the day I only go out to change the bird bath water.