Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smacked Ass

Oh how I do like to see a smacked ass make a fool out of himself.  Maybe it's the mean streak in me (and I do have one folks, no apologies).

Here is a short video of a smacked ass who thought he would power glide OVER a heard of cows.  Instead he power glided INTO the herd of cows and THEY took him for a ride.

You Laugh For The Day folks!

If this was an American who did this in America, he would probably sue the farmer for having the cows in the field and tempting him.


Mark said...

You're so right, he WOULD sue the farmer. How sad is that!
What gets me are the folks that climb mountains and then need to be rescued from them.

Ron said...


And our taxpayer money pays for the rescues!


Amanda said...

It was so funny I posted it on Facebook.
By the way, when I don't work, I walk on "the Strand" where I live. This morning on the pier, I saw a woman with a "Rehoboth"sweatshirt on. I thought of you.

anne marie in philly said...


BTW, check out the blog http://idleeyesandadormy.com/; I visited sean and jeffrey in NY last weekend; great people to know!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Thanks for the tip on Idle Eyes and a Dormy. I checked that once before a long time ago but it didn't click with me. I'll check it again.


Ron said...


I laugh every time I watch that video. I love seeing smart asses like this make fools out of themselves. His little stunt didn't quite work out the way he planned it. The plan was to fly OVER the cows and spook them. Instead he got spooked. Perfect!

There is only one "Rehoboth". I wonder where they got the sweatshirt.