Monday, July 16, 2012

The Best Ad This Year - "It Be Weird"

Bill always gets on my case because I watch ads.  Well, I don't watch all the ads.  I watch the good ones.

Here is the Nissan Altima "Breakup" ad.  In thirty seconds, this ad conveys more of a story than most two hour movies do.  Check it out.  It has everything.


The greasy gas station attendant.  The goofy cute possum eyed customer (my type by the way).  The undercurrent homoerotic suggestion.  Even the pause by "possum" and the final look he gives "Eddie" before he gets into his car THAT HAS HIS WIFE IN IT (or girlfriend):


Whenever I hear this ad come one (I rarely sit in front of a TV and watch it, I'm usually working on my computer or reading a magazine or newspaper and using my TV as background wallpaper), I stop everything and watch it.  I NEVER TIRE OF IT.


I just finished watching Season 4 of "Madmen" last night.  I love this show.  Maybe it's because I'm a frustrated ad man myself.  In college I majored in advertising.  Why didn't I take up a career in advertising? Probably because I had a secure (at that time anyway) job at a bank.  Of course that "secure" job became a thing of history during the era of takeovers in the Eighties.

I think why I identify with Peggy Olsen in "Madmen" so much because I think THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME.  I know what ads work and what ones don't.

Actually, the ad I featured in this blog isn't a good ad because it was so good I couldn't remember what company the ad was advertising.  That was one thing I learned in advertising, don't make an ad that is so good that you don't know what is being advertised.  I had to go on the Internet to find out this was an ad for Nissan Altima and the fact that you don't have to spend as much time at a gas station and thus form a relationship with "Eddie."

By the way, "Eddie" is my type too.  I know, I know.

It be weird.


Bob said...

Cute ad.

Mark said...

That's funny that you stop everything to watch this commercial. I find myself doing that at times too. Sometimes they are just so good, you HAVE to watch! But I must admit, sometimes it's about the guys too!

Ron said...


Oh yeah, I stop everything when this ad is on. I think it is about the cutest ad and says so much in 31 seconds. And you're right, it's about the guys too! The ad men don't realize that we gay guys (did I just out you?) enjoy seeing a little man candy every now and then too.


Ur-spo said...

I dont watch TV, but the ads are clever, sometimes. I appreciate them really in their art form
I never remember the products though.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I only watch cable TV, MSNBC mostly and occasionally CNN. Remember when cable TV was supposed to be free of commercials? That is long gone. Some of the ads are very clever and this one is perfect in its art form. In thirty seconds it says so much. But it isn't a good ad because I couldn't remember what the product was. In my advertising class when I went to college we were taught those are bad ads. The "best" ads are the annoying ads that we can't forget. We always know what the product is in those ads.