Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Too Darn Hot!

The temps have lightened up a bit but it is still TOO DARN HOT!  This is Texas weather mother!

Fall, where are thy cool breezes to caress my wrinkled visage?

Last night, during a break in our current heat wave, Bill mowed the lawn and I did the trimming.  I was a couple weeks behind the trimming, the long grass was starting to go to seed.  Bill and I have discussed about letting the backyard go "au naturale" but I don't think the neighbors would like it.  We don't want to be one of THOSE neighbors.

Today I go to work.  We had a problem last week cooling down the VIP suite because of the 100 degree plus heat.  Had to comp the room.  I hated to do it but we have to keep the guest happy and they don't spend that kind of money for a hot room.  I agreed to check in the guest early.  My mistake.  That won't happen again.  Apparently I was supposed to know to turn on the air conditioning the night  before.  Something I didn't know but I do now.  No more hot rooms for hotel guests.  No more checking in early either.  Lesson learned.

Thank goodness our electricity is on and air conditioning working.  We keep the temperature at 78 degrees in Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Sounds warm but when we come in from the sauna outside, it feels like we stepped into a walk-in freezer.

I can't do too much outside unless I want to have two and three shower days.  Last week I had a couple of three shower days.  Every peel off a T-shirt that is soaked?  Lovely.

Alright Repugs, how come I don't hear you all whining about the hoax of global warming?  All I hear is silence (crickets chirping).  Same as with I don't hear anything about blaming Obama for the high gas prices.  Oh wait, the gas prices have fallen.  Crickets chirping.  I guess the Repugs are too busy voting again to repeal Obama Care....for the 31st time.

How did I degenerate into a political rant?  Sometimes I just can't help myself because it is:



Bob said...

A good rant can really cool one off, sometimes!

Ron said...

Thanks Bob! I'm way behind on reading your posts. I always set aside a time when I can savor them. Been too busy staying cool lately! Be well Bob.

Ur-spo said...

we used to see this video in Sidetracks in Chicago on hot August days; seeing it makes me think on my youth.

Ron said...

Good memories Dr. Spo. Anne Miller always brings a smile to my face. Like you, she makes me think of my youth. I used to watch her movies in the Fifties at Saturday matinee a our local hometown movie theater.