Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Night Dine Out Group

Friday Night Dine Out Group (that's me in the black on the left)

Last summer of a good friend of mine asked me if I would like to join the "Friday Night Dine Out Group."  I asked him "What is it?"  He said "It's a group of gay men who meet once a week every Friday night and dine at a different restaurant."  I asked him if I knew any of them.  He said "You might know some people but the purpose is to meet new people. see old friends and dine out at a different restaurant."

This sounded like a good idea to me because I always like to meet new people and I do like to dine out.  S.O. doesn't like to dine out.  He's happy with his nightly bowl of peas with a dollop of mayonnaise and he's off to bed by 7 PM.

Back in my salad days I loved to go to the gay bars every weekend.  In fact I lived for it.  Those were the days when my hormones were raging and meeting someone new was more than just engaging in conversation.  But those days are long gone.  I mean REALLY LONG GONE.  The hormones have calmed down quit a bit (to almost nothing actually).  Nowadays I like to go out and dine with old friends and perhaps form new friendships.  And that is just what is happening with this Friday Night Dine Out Group.

Tonight we dined at Rigby's Bar and Grill in Rehoboth Beach.  Rigby's is a gay restaurant and bar.  The presence of ten gay men at a table was nothing out of the ordinary.  Happy Hour went on as usual and the piano player accompanied some rather dreadful singers in karaoke.  

However, last week was different.  We dined at Ruby Tuesdays.  Ruby Tuesdays in Rehoboth Beach is much like any other Ruby Tuesdays across this great land of ours.  It is  restaurant with predominately straight people occupying the booths and tables.  Thus the presence of 12 gay men and two lesbians at a long table in the middle of the restaurant floor cause a bit of a ripple at good old Ruby Tuesdays last Friday night.  We notice more than a few occupants of the booths look our way and whisper in hushed tones "Do you think?"  "Are they?"  I think what was throwing them off was the two lesbians.  They couldn't figure out why two women were sitting at the head of the table of a bunch of middle aged old (and neatly dressed) guys.  I'm sure someone said "They don't look gay."  As a matter of fact, my friend said that one of his lesbian friends said we look like a bunch of old bowlers.  Yeah, that's it,  we're part of a bowling league out for our bowling banquet.  

But I don't think that was the thought of one man who was walking past our table last week with a puzzle look on his face.  I think he saw Rick and Nick who are life partners and personal trainers with the build of a Hulk Hogan holding hands.  Rick and Nick always hold hands when they're out.  It's not something I would do but he, it's their thing.  Well, I see this guy with his family following him as they leave the restaurant.  As he passes by me I see that it is my neighbor Steve.  So what do I do?  I stand put out my hand and say "Hi Steve!"  He stops, looks at me and tries to place me and then realizes who I am.  He quickly regains his composure and says "Oh, hi!"  I give him a smile and tell him "It's nice to see you.'" He gives me a weak smile and gives me a nod of his head.

Oh well, life in the BIG CITY  small town gay resort of Rehoboth Beach aka "Gayberry."

I do feel comfortable living here.  This is one more reason why I retired to Rehoboth Beach.  I am not alone, I don't feel like an outcast, and I am happy.  I am with friends.

Next time I see Steve I'll ask him if he wants to join us.  


Ur-spo said...

Social activities like these are oh so good for your health. A bunch of over 50 straight men would never do this - and it costs them their health.
I hope this group is a fun one/it continues for you.

nitewrit said...


I see the ten guys; where are the two ladies?


Ron said...

You are so right about social activities like out Friday Night Dine Out Group being good for our health, both mental and physical. Even those of us in a relationship experience loneliness and a isolation. It is good for us to get out at least once a week to reunite with old friends who we haven't seen in a while and to meet new friends. One of the reasons I work part-time as a front desk clerk in a local hotel is so I can meet new people and reacquaint with previous guests. I realized a long time ago that this was healthy for me. When new couples retire of move into the area, Mark invites them to join our group. I think you may know Mark, he has the blog "Tales of the Sissy." Mark is a super fellow.

Ron said...

The two girls (women) couldn't make it. They had another commitment last night but they sent their regrets. If you were down here on Friday night I would invite you and the Little Woman to join us. I think you would like the experience. We do not discriminate against straights. We are an "open" group. :)

Cubby said...

I see Mark at the table. That's cool. I met Mark at the National Equality Mark in DC in 2009. Did you ever go look at your old pics of the March to see if I was in any of them?