Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Aching Back

For the past several days my back has been killing me.  It's my lower back.  Yes folks, I have the most common ailment of modern man who walks upright, lower back pain.

I think this was brought on my hours of sitting at this computer knocking out my daily blog posting, researching my family tree, catching up on my e-mails, paying bills, and stopping for an occasional porn  interesting video pit stop.  Yes folks, I'm guilty of sitting on my kestrel for hours on end and is it any wonder that my back is absolutely killing me?

I rose from my chair too suddenly yesterday and I almost fell over backwards.  The pain was excruciating. It hurt so bad that I almost did the complete circle back to feeling good. The pain actually took my breath away.

Years ago I used to have this problem all the time with my desk job I had at the bank where I worked.  I sat almost all day.  One day I had to go upstairs quickly to put out a fire and I couldn't wait for the elevator so I rushed up the stairwell when I had a back spasm to intense that I almost fell down the stair backwards.  Talk about a wake up call.

That was enough to persuade me to go to the doctor, something I rarely did back in those day when I was young, vibrant, pretty (no smirking please) and invincible. 

I see the doctor. He examines me and asks me how old I was.  I think at that time I was 42 years old.  He said basically that I was getting old and this was to be expected because man was not meant to walk upright.  He said we were supposed to walk like chimpanzees with our knuckles dragging.  Well, I must admit I have walked like that on several occasions after a long night at my local gay bar hangout.  But I didn't think I walked like that at work .

He prescribed a medication called Naprosyn, an anti-inflammatory drug.   Well, it worked.  In fact it worked too good.  I remember those horse pills costs $1.00 each, which was fairly expensive back in the 80's for medication.  I took them for a few months and they did eliminate the pain but I began to worry about getting hooked on painkillers so I weaned myself off of them.  I like to be in control and I didn't feel right knowing something was going on with my back and I wasn't feeling it.

Over the years since then I've had occasional flareups but with all my walking I've kept those episodes to a minimum.  However, lately, with all the cold weather we've been having around here I been using those painfully cold winds blowing against my face as an excuse not to take my daily walk.  Now I'm paying the price.  I've also put on about eight pounds....around my waist.  I'm getting that "muffin" look around my waist.  

I think we all know what the answer is here don't we folks?  Get off of my behind and get walking.  

Tomorrow, I promise (if it's not too cold).  

Yeah, that's my back in the picture (I wish)


Vương Tử Trực said...

Oh sorry! It's my fault of encouraging you to blog post. LOL I'm just kidding! Ron, you knew the cause of your back pain so please do some stretching during time of computing.

Cubby said...

Bad news indeed. Take it easy for a while.

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Getting old at 42? How old was this doc? I've had that lower back pain and it is no joke, but I always seemed to get it after doing something strenuous I didn't do everyday, not from sitting. Of course, I always got my walks in every day, too.

I hate that muffin top, but it is hard to get rid of. Of course at this age it doesn't matter all that much.

Speaking of walks, I am about to go on my morning jaunt. It is 14 degrees here with a wind chill of 5. Should be very bracing.


Rick said...

Having just got over a back spat I agree we were not meant to be bipedal.

Alan said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! May I suggest, why don't ask someone who knows about yoga (blogger friends maybe?) to suggest some yoga-type stretches which you can do...

I know from personal experience, these will help your back a great deal, but I can't remember the exact stretches I did.

Mark said...

What, 42 is old? I'm 42!!!!
Thanks for filling me in. And here I was enjoying life until you just informed me that I'm knocking at Death's Door. Oh well!
Back pain is a pain in the neck. Well, sort of. I pull my back out doing the dumbest things, like yawning. It's not fun.
Hope that you feel better soon.
Your Friend, m.

Ron said...

Tai, Cubby and Lar,

I know what I have to do, WALK! I'm looking out the window now and the sun is out, and the temperature is 27 degrees. If I layer up I don't think my walk will be too painful. Here I go!

Ron said...


Yes! That's what I thought, 42 is old? That was what the doc said and guess he had a point. I know the answer, walking. I'm going out now.

Ron said...


I never did yoga but I hear that it helps. My Mother always used to go to the quack doctor, er choirpacker (or something like that.)

Ron said...

Right you are Rick. Man was not meant to walk upright. Drag those knuckles when walking!

Ur-spo said...

stretching, heat, and pampering - that is what i prescribe.

Ron said...

Thanks Spo. Most of the pain is gone now. It's gross, but I think constipation was the problem (nothing but the facts here my friend.) :)

RG said...

Icy/Cold packs help a lot. That and a good schtuppe to release pain relieving endorphins into your blood stream. ;)