Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ron Does You Tube Video

Hey folks!  I haven't done this too often.  Here is a You Tube video I made this morning of me talking to my longtime friend Lar about the time he fainted at a fancy dancy restaurant where he was dining with his wife.  Apparently (so he says) he took "too much medication" (have we heard THIS before?) and fainted on the way to the Little Boys' Room.  He woke up a few minutes later stretched out on the floor with his pants undone.  What was that all about?  I rarely miss a chance to tease him about it.

I had a similar experience when I was in the Army.  I was watching a first aid training film with about sixty of my fellow soldiers in the dayroom of Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland back in 1962.  They told us that the blood and guts would be simulated in the training film.  Still, I was nervous with the thought of having to watch a "blood and guts" movie.  I'm one of those people who faints at the sight of blood.  One might question then why was I in the Army?  Well, I made sure I had an MOS that didn't include shooting somebody or getting shot at.  I guess you could say in was in one of the Pussy Battalions at Ft. Meade, also known as the Army Security Agency (NSA - intelligence).  

So, we all get seated and the film begins.  The first scene is of a squad patrolling an open meadow with a tree line in the distance.  There is a crack of rifle shots through the air!  Men are down!  I hear the rushing sound of wheat stalks against the cameraman's legs as he rushes through the wheat field to the wounded soldiers.  The cameraman arrives at the downed, wounded solder and zooms in on his bloody leg.  Another soldier rips the green camouflage pant leg of the solder exposing a bloody, pulsating wound.  The next thing I remember I'm waking up looking at the blue sky in the courtyard of the barracks...............with the top of my pants undone!  What was all that about?  

So, you see my friend Lar and I have had similar experiences.  I still don't understand what the deal is with undoing the top of the pants.  Before anyone does that to me I think we should have at least take me to dinner.


Vương Tử Trực said...

LOL that's interesting. I think someone touched ''yours'' to wake you up.

Ron said...

Tai, you're funny!

nitewrit said...


Geez Louise, I'm glad you didn't have pictures!

And it wasn't "too much medication", it was just new medication. I think I'll do a post about it.


Cubby said...

Those are funny stories. Everyone knows that testicular constriction is the leading cause of fainting among hot men, so you shouldn't be surprised when people immediately starting trying to remove your pants when you go down. If you hadn't regained consciousness a ball massage would have been next. I know, because I read it on the internet :-)