Friday, January 07, 2011

Ted Williams - The Power of Redemption

By now almost everyone has heard of the near miraculous story of Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice who was discovered by a Cleveland highway begging for money.  

First I want to say I just love this kind of redemptive story.  Ted Williams was once a successful radio announcer who saw his life slip away because of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  For the past two years he has been clean (he claims) and is now trying to get his life back in order.  

A local TV guy commuting to work in Cleveland noticed Ted standing on the side of the highway with his sign panhandling for money from the commuters whizzing by in their cars.  Last Monday the TV guy brought his camera along, pulled over and recorded Ted's fabulous golden voice.  The result was a video that went viral and now all the world knows of Ted Williams, the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice.

The past two days I have watched the videos of Ted on TV being interviewed, including the reunion with his 92 year old mother.  Rare is the person who cannot but help to have their heartstrings tugged by this unbelievable story of one man's redemption?  Certainly not me, I have choked up and tears have welled in my eyes more than a few times these past few days.  And here I thought John Boehner was a big crybaby.

In one of my earlier blog postings I wrote about fate.  I do believe in fate.  Think of what would have happened if that TV producer hadn't brought his camera along and taken a video of Ted Williams.  Today Ted Williams would still be standing in the cold on the side of the Ohio highway, begging for a chance.  He got that chance this week and and I hope and pray everything turns out alright for him.  

One of the blogs I visit frequently features weekly a list of mug shots. I'm going to try and beat him to the punch this week and post this list of the past mug shots of Ted Williams, just to show you how far this man has come. 

By the way, I prefer the Farah Fawcett Look (sans the glasses.)  

The Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet Look was the worst.  


Cubby said...

When he was reunited with his mother, he called her "mommy" over and over. I started crying when I heard that. I really like this guy and hope he continues his redemption. I know someone is going to stick crack in front of him soon, if it hasn't happened already. I hope he has the strength to say no.

Ron said...

I saw that video of Ted reuniting with his mother and saying "Mommy! Mommy!" I'm an old softie and I choked up immediately when I heard that. Did you see the whole interview with Meredith Viera? His Mom was very critical of him for putting a sign up but that sign is what saved him. I hope that he doesn't succumb to temptation again and throw this second chance away.

nitewrit said...


Hmm, that second mug shot down from the top looks suspiciously like Obama. You slipping some kind of subliminal political comment in here.


Mark in DE said...

This is quite an amazing story, and has caused me to ponder yet again the occurence (or not) of miracles.

Ron said...

I believe in fate and miracles. I don't believe that there is a bearded man in a white toga sitting on a golden throne in the clouds above but I do believe in angels.

Ur-spo said...

I haven't been following this, but it touches my heart. one of the 7 basic stories of man is "Rags to Riches". When it happens to good people it is so touching.

Ron said...


I believe Ted Williams is a good person who has fallen on bad times through a series of bad decisions and other factors. Who among us has not at one time in our life had a brush with losing it all because of a bad decision. I hope Ted Williams continues to recover and lead a normal and happy life.