Saturday, November 06, 2010

Mom's Zucchini Bread Recipe

My Mom in her kitchen, Christmas 1975 (this after a hard day's work at Pepperridge Farm where she worked in the frozen layer cake line).

It's been a while since I've posted one of my favorite family recipes.  Today I'm posting my Mom's favorite zucchini recipe.  

My Mom had tried many zucchini recipes in her lifetime, but this was her all-time favorite.  I remember when she wrote the recipe on a card and gave it too me.  

The other day I had some zucchini that was getting old so I thought it was time for some zucchini bread in my life.  It's been years since I made this recipe.  It's been too long.  It is as good as ever and even better, it brings back fond memories of my Mom.  She wasn't the greatest cook in the world but some recipes she had down pat.  I could never match her recipe for homemade southern biscuits but I come pretty close matching her on this recipe. 



G said...

My mom made the best OKIE biscuits and I have never been able to match that. She also made a great peach cobbler and again i can't make it her way and I have tried and tried. I think it was mothers touch that made it perfect.

Ron said...

You're right Mike! The "mother's touch" made some recipes perfect. I tried many times to duplicate her biscuits but could never get the texture (crisp on the outside and like a cloud on the inside) quite right. I asked her what measurements she used. She made a scoop with her hand (for the shortening) and said "This much?" What? She never used any specific measurements. It was always by feel. One thing though, my Mother could never cook Italian. I think it was because she didn't like garlic which I never had until I got away from home. Then I discovered garlic and the wonders of Italian food. In fact I'm cooking a pork roast today with FOUR garlic cloves. If my Mother was here today she would be complaining about the house stinking of garlic. Garlic literally made her feel like throwing up. Funny thing about people's taste isn't it?

G said...

We love garlic.

Ron said...

Bill and I love garlic too Mike. I remember the many times my Mom would complain after I ate something with garlic in it. She would say "You stink! What were you earring? Garlic?" It was a constant running joke with us.

Ur-spo said...

I love love LOVE family recipes! They carry memories and legacy and good karma too. Thank you for posting this.

Ron said...


Glad you like family recipes. I occasionally post some of my favorites. I will do more of them now that the cold weather is here and I can use the oven.