Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good News!

I just came back from the Orthopaedics Associates in Lewes.  I don't have any bones fractured in my wrist! 

This is great news!

My appointment was at 2:20 this afternoon.  It was just over two weeks ago that I fell at the entrance to the American Legion Post 28 building in Millsboro and jammed my right arm.  I should have gone to the emergency room right away but I didn't.  By Tuesday the pain was so great that I decided to go to my doctor.  She ordered an X-ray.  It took all that time for me to see the doctor at the orthopedic unit to go over my X-ray.

At today's appointment, the orthopedic doctor showed me the X-ray.  I did fracture my elbow.  A small fracture.  In fact I can't even feel it now.  I asked him what should I do about it.  He said "Nothing" which is fine by me.

But here was the problem.  My wrist is still hurting big time.  The X-ray that I had taken two weeks ago (today actually) wasn't of my wrist.  It was only of my arm.  I was hurting so much then that it probably covered up the problem I have with my wrist.  

The doctor took an X-ray of my wrist today.  He showed me the X-ray.  He said I have arthritis in my hand.  He said "You've had that quite some time."  He's right.  I've had it since 2000.  I looked at the X-ray past the arthritic thumb and saw a lot of little bones.  Oh God I thought, please don't let any of them be broken.  They weren't!  He said "It looks like you just got a bad sprain.  It will continue to get better.  If it doesn't, give us a call and we'll look at it again."  

What a relief!  Looking at all those intricate and delicate bones in my wrist, I fear to think of what could have happened.  I got lucky.....again.  I've been pretty lucky all my life health wise.  My streak continues.  

Thank you whatever power that is in heaven or wherever.  I promise to be a good boy for here on out. 

Now it's time for a well deserved nap.


G said...

I am glad to hear this good news. With your birthday so near I am sure you want to feel the best you can. It's a good day.

Ron said...

I am so happy Mike that I didn't do more serious damage. I'm still sore but it's getting better every day. I'm really pleased with the news tonight that Sharron Angle lost to Harry Reid. I'm also glad the Republicans are now in charge of the House. This will guarantee Obama will be reelected president because the country will now see what frauds the Republicans because the Republicans will do nothing except try and lower taxes on the rich. Only bad thing was that baboon faced Rand Paul got elected. Now we'll have to look at that greasy bird's nest of hair on the top of his head and listen to his drug like slow voice.

nitewrit said...


Makes no sense. Why couldn't they have simply told you this almost two weeks ago and saved you the stress of worry while you dealt with the pain. When I had some tests earlier in the year, the doctor's receptionist called me as soon as the results were received to inform me of the outcome. I wasn't made to wait until the doctor was free to see me. I guess your Doctor had to be the star and tell you personally.

I had to go to LabCorp for the tests, which were then sent to the doctor, just like you had to go to beebe for the X-ray and then it was sent to the doctor, but even with that lab involved it was only three or four days before I got the results, and my case wasn't an injury or an emergency.

But it is as I suggested, a bad sprain or strain and the only cure for such things is time. I'm glad it is nothing more serious and hopefully you will soon be back to your self.


Ron said...


You're right, it makes no sense that I had to wait so long. In fact they took another X-ray in the office yesterday, of my wrist while I waited. They asked me why I didn't go to the emergency room. Maybe that's what I should have done but after incurring a $4,500 charge from my last emergency room visit, I was very reluctant to go running off to the emergency room again. I'm just glad everything turned out all right and all I have is a bad sprain plus the small fracture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

Glad to hear you are on the mend! Falls at our age can be so dangerous! Last year I fell out the back door. I had my arms full so I couldn't break my fall & my face took the blunt of it. I looked like I had been hit in the face with a baseball bat. Still today when the wind blows across my forehead I have pain. Nothing was broken but I did burst the main artery in my forehead hence all the brusing & pain.

The sunrise picture at the top of the page is lovely. I love the still of the morning. Are you back to walking the boards yet? I'm in such a frenzy about the holidays closing in on us. Seems like they come faster with each passing year.

I hope it's no time til you're feeling like your self again.


Ron said...

Good to hear from you again Fran. Yes, you are so right about how dangerous falls can be at our age. I'm a little spooked now about falling especially after seeing how many bones there are in my wrist. I am so thankful nothing was broken but just a bad sprain. It's getting better every day but still very sore.
My Mother took a fall like you did. She fell right on her face. It looked like we beat her up. We were concerned that the emergency room personnel would question me and my brother when we took her to the emergency room.
I love the early morning. I haven't been back to the boardwalk except one time when Bill took me down. I hope to return soon. I am looking forward to life getting back to normal.