Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Horace (my pal) and T (Bill's pal) during a rare moment when they shared the same basket

Here I am sitting at home on this gray Thanksgiving morning 2010.  

In a few hours I'll leave for work at the hotel.  This is how I've been celebrating Thanksgiving since we moved to Delaware four years ago this month.

I have no complaints.  I don't mind working Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I'm not one for all the hub bub of holiday activity.  I'm not a "Bah humbug" kind of guy, but some years ago I just decided to opt out of all the holiday season pressure and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas the way I preferred, which is this way.  

Having said that, now here are some of my reasons (in no particular order) why I am thankful this Thanksgiving:


  • My freedom - to do, say and live as I please
  • Living in the United State of America - the greatest country in the history of the world
  • My friends - many and varied but I love them all
  • My family - both sides (Tipton and Hadfield) - again many and varied but I love them all
  • My home - my paradise in the best state of the Union - Delaware!
  • My good health - 69 years old and still going strong
  • My security - Social Security, pensions and a part-time job
  • My job - best job I could have at this time of my life - hotel front desk where I meet all kinds of cool folks


  • Those unheralded héros who rescue cats and dogs and other abandoned animals
  • Those unheralded héros who clean up the litter on the sides of our roads
  • Those unheralded héros who are whistle blowers to make public the corruption in our society
  • Those moms and dads (and other family members) who raise children to be good members of our society

I could go on and sound like a Academy Award winner and thank my third grade teacher Miss Ezrah for being responsible for the person I am today but she actually wasn't although she was a good teacher.

Last but surely not least I am thankful for being born gay.  Yes, I said it.  I am thankful for being born gay.  I believe I was born gay (this time around anyway) to give me insight of the true nature of our society and the people in it.  I truly feel that I was blessed to be chosen for this special mission in my life.

A few weeks ago I marked my 69th birthday.  The end of my life isn't that many years away.  When I look back on the past 69 years I realize how truly blessed I have been to have had such a unique and remarkable journey.  

When I go to sleep tonight I will go with the knowledge that I have a lot to be thankful for.  If I don't wake up tomorrow but instead enter Eternal Sleep I will do with the knowledge that I have had a full and rewarding life for which I am most thankful for.

Now I see I ended a sentence on a preposition which my English teacher in high school drummed into me never to do so I will attempt to correct that situation now.  

Horace and T (our two dogs pictured in this posting), I'll be with you soon. 

When that happens, I know will be in Heaven.  


Ur-spo said...

happy thanksgiving to you !
I liked your list
I am thankful for having you as a blogger buddy.

Ron said...

I like you Spo. You are one of those unique, good hearted individuals without a mean bone in your body. You're cute as a button too. I'm thankful that I discovered you through my friend The Cajun. I saw your handsome face peering out through a thumbnail on his blog and I decided to investigate further. When I discovered that not only were you very attractive but you wrote a very interesting and informative blog laced with your dry humor, I immediately became intimidated. Goodlooking, smart and funny guys have always had that effect on me. But after a few months of seeing hour adorable visage on Cajun's blog, I decided to ignore my self esteem problems and barf right in and become a Spo fan. I'm glad I did. Very glad.

nitewrit said...


Well, it's one thing to ignore your self esteem problems, another to throw your self esteem completely away and "barf" all over a person's blog. A bit messy, don't you think?:)

Hope you at a pleasant Thanksgiving at the Inn.

Now go help clean up your barf.


Ron said...

Egads! Did I say "barf"? I meant BARGE! Freudian slip I'm sure. Ironic since Spo is a head doctor (aka "shrink") I'm sure you understand Spo? Right Spo?

Thanks Lar. I put my size 12 foot in my mouth again.

nitewrit said...


It is so easy to use wrong words. Look at my comment, "Hope you at a pleasant..." I meant, of course, Hope you have a pleasant...

I check and recheck for this kind of stuff and it still slips in on me.


Ron said...

I have the same thing happening to me too Lar. I check and recheck and still those words slip though. Freudian Slips are what I call them.

nitewrit said...


Well, I call them the "mind running too far ahead of the fingers". A Freudian Slip is where you say or write something that is what you truly believe, but don't want to say. I don't think you really wanted to barf on anyone's blog.

See if I was lying and trying to flatter someone and meant to write, "I could hardly keep from barging in on your blog," but were thinking this blog makes me sick and so wrote, "I could hardly keep from barfing in on your blog", that would be a Freudian Slip.

Or it would be like someone introduced you to their wife and she had acne scars. Later someone asked you how she looked and you meant to say, "Oh, she had a pretty face", but instead say, "Oh, she had a pitted face". That's a Freudian Slip.



The picture of your dogs is gorgeous - they were beautiful!!!!

Ron said...

Thanks Diane. They were special. I am convinced that I will rejoin them again someday.