Thursday, November 04, 2010

I Love the Water

Me, Labor Day 1979 - Provincetown, Mass.

My sign is Scorpio.  Scorpios love the water.  

For most of my life I lived inland, away from "the water."  

One day in 2005 I decided to uproot my whole life (and Bill's too) and move "near the water."

That's where I live now, on the coastal shore of the southern most county of Delaware, Sussex County.

I actually live two miles from the Broadkill River and three miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  But it doesn't take me too long to get to the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach to soak up being near the water.

For the past few weeks, since I injured my wrist and right arm in a fall, I haven't been able to walk the boards in Rehoboth.  Bill took me down last Saturday early in the morning.  It was good to walk the boards again.  

My wrist and arm are slowly healing.  I can now drive but I still occasionally get unexpected sharp shooting pains in my left wrists if I turn my steering wheel too suddenly.  I have to be extra careful not to put myself in a traffic situation where I have to make any quick turns.

This morning I was organizing some of my old pictures and I came across the one posted above on this blog.  This picture was taken Labor Day weekend 1979 (31 years ago) in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  Back in those years when I was working full-time at a Girard Bank in Philadelphia, the only time to could go near the water was my summertime vacations to Cape Cod.  

I wasn't rich enough have my own boat thus the rented row boat with a motor.   That was just fine with me.  As long as I was near or in the water I was a happy man.  Just like now, I'm a happy man.  

Now it's time for my nap.


Ur-spo said...

I am a water sign too; I feel more at ease near the water.

Ron said...

That's the way I feel Spo when I'm around or near the water. I feel at one.

Sam said...

Two words: Hot abs.

Ron said...


Lose and keep the weight down and the abs appear like magic.