Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rainbow Over The Neighborhood

After a late afternoon thunderstorm yesterday, a beautiful rainbow appeared over my neighborhood. As much as I loved my home in Pennsylvania, I never saw a rainbow. That was because I lived in the middle of seven acres of woods. I decided I wanted to live out my years in an open area with a big sky. That is why I love my home site here in Delaware. I live on the coastal plain on the eastern side of the Coastal Highway (Route 1). I chose this location to build because it is not that far from Rehoboth Beach (six miles.) My home site does have some downsides. The wind is almost constant, and sometimes quite heavy. But I don't have to worry about a tree falling over on my driveway, blocking my entrance and egress from my home as happened so often at my Pennsylvania home. Also, the power doesn't go out near as often. In Pennsylvania, it only took a strong wind and the power went out, sometimes for hours and days. Located as I am only two miles from the Delaware Bay, there is very little snow. When there is snow, it is usually gone within a day or two. In Pennsylvania, the remnants of a heavy snow in December or January would stay on the ground until early spring, in April. There are many other good reasons why I moved to Delaware, one of the most important being that Delaware is tax friendly to seniors. In Pennsylvania I was literally being taxed out of existence by the ever increasing school taxes, county and township taxes. Delaware has a much more equitable tax base. Perhaps the best thing I like about living in Delaware are the wonderful neighbors that I now have. They are the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.



Did you notice Rainbow Over (the) Neighborhood spells RON???

Enjoy the videos because I feel as if I've just come to visit you 'in real time/person'.

I remember being called Diane Rainbow (my maiden name is Rambow), and we were fortunate to have many where I grew up; where I lived in later years, and even now when we do get a rare shower, there's always a rainbow because of the desert/mountains/no trees to obstruct those panoramic views.

Sounds like a great place to live - you can be my 'travel agent' if I head out that way.

Regards, Diane

Nitewrit said...

Ron, You never saw a rainbow? Do you just mean up in your wooded hill house or actually never? I've seen quite a few in my own life. I can remember seeing them as a boy in D-town. You must have seen them then, too. If this was your first, aren't they lovely? You know, I really should develope the habit of carrying my camera with me all the time. I miss some interesting shots of things. I never took a picture of a rainbow.


Ron said...

Lar, I've seen several rainbows since I've been down here in the Big Sky country of Delaware. I don't recall seeing any when I lived in East Brandywine Township in Pennsylvania. I may have seen one or two when I was growing up in Downingtown. By the way, I always have my camera with me. My neighbors tease me about it.
Diane, RON (Rainbow Over the Neighborhood), didn't notice the anagram. Where I live now is a wonderful place but not too many venues for taking interesting pictures compared to where I lived in Pennsylvania with all the hills and winding roads. Here it is all open land with flat landscapes. I love it of course but it is not the best landscape for taking panoramic photos. I'm glad you like the videos. That was my goal, to give the readers of my blog a feel for what it is like to live down here. When you get your digital camera with video, you can share your wonderful area of the country with all of your blog readers. I'm sure your foreign fans will enjoy sharing your love of where you live.


Hi - well that is a great video of Bill and Barbara. Bill looks like the playful type - I can see why you and he enjoy each other so much.

Glad you took a bit of the detail out of 'where you live'....

Think it's a bit better that way, although since Delaware is a small state; your name is not a 'Smith or Jones', it's likely if anyone every wants to get the info' I did, they can do it as well.

What was neat was typing in your address, and using
Google earth to 'visit you'.

Nice - and near the water - even nicer. Diane

Ron said...

Oh yes, Bill is definitley the playful type. Sometimes too much, if you know what I mean. Delaware is defintiely a small state. I always preferred to be a big fish in a little pond. That's why I lived in Philadelphia all those years instead of New York City.