Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Appointment Made

Good news today. The Wilmington VA called to arrange an appointment for me to see their dermatology department. My appointment will be in August, much earlier than the dates available to me from the two local dermatology offices that would make appointments for me. The other two local dermatology offices told me there weren't accepting new patients. The woman who talked to me today from the VA cared and listened to me. That's why I like using the VA. Once you get past the Bush Administration imposed roadblocks and hurdles to using the VA, I actually have gotten the best medical care in my life from the VA system. The people who work for the VA are not motivated by money as is most of the private medical sector. With the VA I receive preventive medical care. I feel relieved that my problem will be looked at by caring people. I felt myself slipping into depression. The phone call from the VA today reversed that slide. Today turned out to be a good day.



First, your flowers are lovely.

Second, glad you're feeling better.

I just had a surprise myself - my thyroid (natural) supplement, has been recalled; no available supplies, and read they're trying to switch everyone over to the synthetic stuff.

I actually had to battle my insurance carrier to initially pay for my natural thyroid back in 2001. Finally after a myriad of tests an proving the ill effects of the synthetic stuff, I was cleared for insurance coverage.

I also remember my doctor Roberts, coming to my home; $1.50 for the house-call, and that included the medicines he would bring. I never had to visit a drug store; my other doctor (Dr. Wirt)charged $1.50 as well, and we often got a cookie from his wife, since he worked out of his addition to his home.

Doctors weren't trying to live in big homes; be multi-millionaires, and exploit their profession.

I'm glad all seems well - your mom will be coming soon, and you need to feel on top of the world.

Ron said...

Thank you for your comments. My Mother has arrived at my brother's home in Greenville, South Carolina this morning. She will be at his place for most of August. The change will be good for her.