Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cool Cat

This morning I took a ride to visit my longtime friend, Bob. He lives in the woods, near Georgetown, Delaware. Bob wasn't there but his faithful cat Stormy, was there perched on the banister, waiting for his master. I love cats. Unfortunately I don't have one because my life partner, Bill, doesn't like cats. Ironically, the only pet cat I ever had was a cat named "Bobby." My friend's name (the owner of Stormy) is Bob. Bobby (the cat) was a gray tabby cat that took up with me when I was about 10 years old. My family lived in a second floor apartment, above the offices of Gindy Manufacturing Company. The Gindy trailer manufacturing plant was located next to the building where we had an apartment. Bobby the cat just showed up one day. Apparently he was surviving my mousing in the plant. We hit it off right away. I don't remember how many years I had Bobby, but one day when I came home from school, Bobby wasn't there to greet me. I asked my Mother if she had seen him. She told me that my Father had taken him to the SPCA because Bobby was spraying the front door. Thus ended my one and only pet cat. Someday I will rescue a cat from the local animal shelter to make up for that injustice that happened so many years ago. The cat featured in this video is named "Stormy." He showed up one stormy night at my friend Bob's home. He was soaked to the skin. Bob took him in out of the storm and gave him sheltr in his home. The next morning Stormy's little sister showed up. She looks just like Stormy with more delicate features. Unfortunately, Stormy is a Top Cat. He is a little rough with his little sister so she isn't around too much. Bob suspects she has another home nearby. Bob used to have a mouse problem. He no longer has that problem. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any little birds around either. Maybe I can borrow Stormy to solve my sparrow problem. The Purple Martins have left their birdhouse. I covered all the entrances with masking tape so the sparrow couldn't get in. Would you know that those sparrows tried all day to get in? Their determination is amazing. I notice that they did make a nest in my neighbor's PM birdhouse. His Purple Martins have also taken off. I'll leave the tape on for a few more days. I don't know how long it takes for the message to get through their little pea brain. I do notice they haven't built any more nests in the bluebird boxes I cleaned out. They really seem intent on building their nest in the Purple Martin house. I wonder what the fascination is with that house since they gave up so easily on the other houses. Maybe they feel safer at that height. It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to figure out they're not going to get in that bird house. The bluebird nest continues to do fine. The bluebird parents are very low key and don't seem to spend much time at their birdhouse but they do. I see them flitting back and forth in the backyard, reducing my insect population. Occasionally, one of the sparrows flies over towards their birdbox, but both bluebirds chase them away. I guess they've had enough of the bullying by the sparrows. Good for them. Other residents of my backyard are robins and catbirds. If I did have a cat, I probably wouldn't have many birds in my backyard. Unless if I had an inside cat. This last batch of baby bluebirds were out of their nest before they were ready to be on their own. Their parents had to feed them in the surround bushes for about a week. I sure would hate to see my puddy tat bringing home a baby bluebird in its mouth as a token of appreciation to me.

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