Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feed Me

That's what the baby blue bird is saying with that open mouth. This picture is from yesterday morning. As I open the front of the bluebird box, some of their mouths open ever so quietly, as compared to the noisy demands of the baby sparrows. I think the baby bluebirds are so quiet because they don't want to draw attention to themselves. They know that the only person who needs to know they're hungry are their Mom and Pop. I notice that some big birds land on top of their box during the day but they can't get in. I don't worry about other predators because the blue bird box is out in the open in my backyard and I am constantly monitoring it. I think Mom and Pop bluebird know that because they always leave on my approach to their nesting site. The baby bluebirds haven't opened their eyes yet. I about a week's time a fine down of feathers will appear on their little round bodies and then those big dark eyes will open for the first time to take in the wonders of life. The Purple Martins are long gone. I see where the sparrows are still chirping at the entrance to one of the Purple Martin apartment but I don't think he has any takers. I'm not bothering with the sparrows now. Before winter sets in, I'll give the Purple Martin house a good cleaning so they will be ready for the returning Purple Martins next spring. Today is going to be a busy day. Haircut this morning. Then a run down to Eastern Ornamental Gardens to buy a pink crepe myrtle (I have the perfect spot for it by the side of my house). Later, this afternoon, I'm meeting my friend The Cajun for a birthday dinner celebration at Cloud Nine restaurant in Rehoboth. He's already warned me that the food choices are limited for me, a non seafood eater. I know, I know. What am I doing living at a seaside resort and I don't like seafood? I don't even like crustaceans. However, I did see a few other dishes on the menu that appealed to me. I would try the strip steak but restaurants don't seem to want to fully cook steak. They think a pink, pulsating slab of meat if appealing. Not to me. I like my meat fully cooked. Thus, I will probably get the chicken pot pie or grilled chicken with pasta. Egads you say? Well, Sussex County is one of the major poultry processing areas of the country. Yesterday I saw truckload of chickens being hauled to their doom. Maybe I'll have one of those.

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