Friday, November 15, 2019

Philly Visit

Me and Pat at Little Pete's restaurant in Philadelphia, PA November 2016

On this day three years ago my Canadian Travel Buddy and I were ending our week long annual winter stay in Philadelphia. 

This photo was taken at Little Pete's restaurant very early in the morning when the streets were deserted.  I was up early to walk Pat to the bus station for his twenty-four hour journey back to his home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Pat and I stopped for a quick breakfast.  I also wanted him to experience Little Pete's restaurant, a 24 hour restaurant that I used to frequent during my bar hopping days back in the 70's.  

We hadn't planned to stop at Little Pete's, Pat usually just stops at a Starbucks, but walking down those rain soaked, darkened streets on that cold November morning I saw Little Pete's and memories came flooding back over me. I asked Pat if he had time to stop.  He did.

Our breakfast was as good as I remembered it as it was when I bopped into Little Pete's after the bars closed at 2 AM.  However, the waitress gave me the sad news, Little Pete's was closing after many years on 17th Street in Philadelphia. See here.

This is just one instance of the adventures Pat and I always have when we get together four times a year, twice in Philly, once at Pat's hometown of Hamilton, Ontario and two weeks in California. 

More adventures await us but it's always nice to be reminded of our past adventures. 


Raybeard said...

Is that ICED water you're having - both sitting there well scarved and with one be-gloved? ;-)

Ron said...

Yep, that iced water. Most restaurants put iced water automatically at your table when you're seated. I had a regular breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. I think Pat just had toast, being the vegan that he is.

Paul said...

You two could be brothers, it's spooky how you found a friend who looks so like you !!!Keep on keeping on.

Ron said...

We've had that observation before several times. The first few times we thought it was unusual because we never thought of our physical similarities. But then after strangers in different cities (Los Aneles, Toronto, Niagra Falls, Lewes, Philadelphia) assumed we were brothers we took a good look and yes I guess we're very similar physically. It's interesting though because one of the things that attracted me to Pat was how much we have in common. We have joked that we're from the "same amoeba" from a different life.