Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Ambassador Sondland Drops the Bomb

Guess who isn't going to jail for Trump?

Whomp! There it is folks. Ambassador Sondland dropped the bomb this morning at the House impeachment hearings. He decided to stop lying and covering up for the criminal in the White House (Trump) and admitted "they were all in on it" re the attempted bribery and extortion of Ukraine.  

Good on Ambassador Sondland who decided not to go to jail for lying to Congress and tell the truth that there was an extensive bribery and extortion scheme going on directed by Trump through his henchmen Guiliani, Pence, Mulvaney, Perry and Volcker to hold back 391 million dollars in funds from Ukraine unless the Ukrainian president would say publicly he was opening and investigation into Biden's son and the so called Ukrainian intervention in the 2016 U S election.

"The Truth Shall Set You Free" as the photo at the beginning of this blog post shows so clearly.

Prediction here, Trump will resign because of "health reasons" but only with the proviso that he be exempt from any future legal action against his lifetime of criminality.  Thus will have completed his lifetime of breaking the law and getting away with it.  

Get ready all you Hillary and Obama haters:

President Nancy Pelosi


Practical Parsimony said...

Thank you for catching me up on this. Friend won't watch hearings, so I do not know what is happening. I would have loved to see this. I hope he doesn't commit "suicide" after this admission. I do not want to ever let him off the hook. He will continue to spew his venom and be well enough to tweet and golf.

Catrina said...

Yes! I 100% believe the visit to a Walter Reed was the planned beginning of the end for him! He surely will never admit fault for anything, but exiting with a heart problem (he has a heart??) will be perfect for him.

Anonymous said...

If impeachment fails in the Senate,Dems may flip the Senate. Master Manipulation Scare- health exam for the sympathy vote.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
All those televised hearings from patriotic, honed state department employees about Trump's attempted bribery and extortion of the Ukrainian president doesn't seem to have moved public opinion for Trump's impeachment and removal which is depressing. Even more depressing is that not ONE Congressional Republican whovote for impeachment and removal of Trump. What a sad state our country is in to know there is not ONE Republican in Congress willing to fulfill their Constitution oath of office.

Ron said...

Trump absolutely DOES NOT WANT TO BE IMPEACHED. But he is going to be impeached. Probably not removed from office but he will be impeached. That's what is driving him crazy and probably affecting his health. Good.

Ron said...

I believe the Democrats will flip the Senate. Would love to see MoscowMitch lose his reelection.

Ur-spo said...

I still hold onto my pessimistic cynicism none of this will matter tuppence..