Wednesday, October 09, 2019


The exact type of bucket that I sprained my back - I mop the tile floor at the Inn at the end of my shift

Looks like I'm going to survive. My back is still sore but I can maneuver about much better than I did yesterday. I will be able to go to work tomorrow. Thank goodness. I have a new appreciation for those who have physical disabilities like I was faced with, temporarily, yesterday with my severe back pain. 

Bill was very upset. Quite frankly folks I don't know how this household would manage if I was out of commission.  Bill can't drive now. His eyesight is failing (macular degeneration) and he is very hard of hearing. Also, his cognitive abilities are declining. Yesterday I spent a lot of time showing him again how to answer his iPhone. I've shown him multiple times before but he keeps forgetting. I had the same experience with my late friend Bob McC.  I often had to explain to him how to access his e-mails. He never did get it.  Thank goodness Bill can still get around on his on although much slower. However, he absolutely cannot manage running a household. Paying the bills, shopping, cooking, and just about everything else except mowing the grass. He's good at that (thank goodness).  

I called my manager at work this morning and told him I would be at work tomorrow.  He was relieved and I was relieved. I have my regular routine (working two nights a week; Mondays and Thursdays) that works quite well for me. My job not only provides me with extra income for my quarterly escapades with Pat, my Canadian Travel Buddy but psychological as well. I can't imagine staying here (home) all the time. Yesterday I didn't even go out of the house, which is very rare. I can't imagine being in some assisted living facility where I would be cooped up every day.  That to me is a prison that would kill me as it did my late friend Bob McC. He never wanted to end up in a facility like that but he did and he died. 

My back is still sore.  I will have to be very careful tomorrow so I don't injure it again. No more emptying buckets of dirty water after moping the floor at the Inn.


wcs said...

Glad you're feeling better, Ron. I don't have to tell you to take it easy, slow and deliberate movements!

"Tommy" said...

I hope yall progress to better health very soon

Ur-spo said...

no indeed. get some nice strong strapping youth to haul away the bilge.

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery to you Thank you for your blog in these tense times.

Ron said...

Thanks for your good wishes. My back is still sore and I'm walking crooked but I'm walking for which I am thankful.

Ron said...

I'm better. Still sore but getting better. Old man here.

Ron said...

Today, much to my embarrassment I had an old man and his young daughter-in-law load four heavy bags of potting soil in the back of my car. Oh the shame.

Ron said...

Thank you for your good wishes!