Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday Morning Sunshine

Me with my newly assembled Bagatelle Arch
Just got back from taking Bill for his daily ride. This sunny Saturday morning we took our daily ride to BJ's Wholesale store in Millsboro, Delaware.  That is an eighteen mile ride one way from our home to BJ's.  After torrential rains yesterday, it was a pleasure to have a breezy spring sunny morning greet us. I try to get Bill out of the house at least once every day. We usually make our trip to BJ's every two weeks. Always a nice ride.

Yesterday, before the torrential rains arrived I took Bill with me when I went to Staples.  I had to purchase a shredding machine.  I also had to purchase more mailing labels. I'm selling my vintage jeans folks on Ebay.  I haven't sold them all but they are being sold.  I tried putting one on the auction to see how that worked out.  Not so good, I only had one bid, $4.65.  Of course I had to sell those jeans at that price. No more auctions for me.  I sold other jeans for $20 and $24.  One pair that I sold I gave the buyer his money back because I sent him the wrong pair of jeans.  Oh the embarrassment!  He said I didn't have to refund his money but I felt that was the right thing to do having inconvenienced him. That was a learning experience for me.

Yesterday, also before the rains came in, my neighbor Bob M. helped me assemble an arch that I purchased through Spring Hill Nurseries.  I'm not good at assembling things folks.  My brain just doesn't work that way.  Even during my youth, I was one of those few boys who couldn't assemble those kits of cars and boats.  I would rather help my Mother in the kitchen baking cookies, sewing, and cleaning the house.  I also like to play with paper like I was an executive.  No surprise that my adult career was in bank operations. Bill and I have an almost perfect synergy in our home because Bill can do all the butch things (handyman) and I run the household from organizing and paying the bills, cooking and gardening. Bill builds the brick walls and fixes the electricity problems.  But lately Bill's cognitive skills aren't what they used to be.  I see him slipping.  Heck, I see myself slipping in my capabilities.  When we returned from shopping at BJ's and unloading the water, toilet paper, and paper towels from our car we were huffing and puffing.  We're a long way from the spry men we were so long ago when we first set up our household. We're at that time of our lives folks where we're going to need help.  We are so fortunate to have neighbors like Bob M. (who will be 79 years old tomorrow) and Harvey F. who is much younger (thirty something) and has offered to help me "anytime."  I may just take him up on his offer.  

In the meantime folks, I will push these concerns about our future out of my mind on this sunny spring morning. 


nitewrit said...


Sunny, yes, but colder than I liked. I took a very short walk. Temperature was 50 and I can usually tolerate that, even in shorts, but not accompanied by a constant 20-miles per hour wind. Hopefully after tomorrow we will be back to warmer walking weather.

My lawn is badly in need of a shave. Seems it grew up very quickly this time. I'll see if I'm up to doing some mowing on Monday. It is a strain on me anymore.

We are going down to Darryl's Monday evening for Jasper's T-Ball Game. Next Friday is my ALS Clinic in Philadelphia. Lois is supposed to make an appointment to see our primary doctor within the next two to three weeks as a result of what happene where she ended up in the emergency room on Thursday. I also have to go sometime in the week after and have that blood test done again. Then I hope to be off doctors for awhile again.

Ur-spo said...

Patience above! Don't you ever sit still ?