Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Daffodils Spring 2019

Let us pause in the daily travails and enjoy this short video of my spring daffodils in full bloom.

I love daffodils! They are the cheerful harbinger of spring. Spring, that time of year of rebirth.

After a long cold winter, seeing the cheerful yellow daffodils heads dancing in the wind sooth my psyche on these stressful days.

Every fall I plant more daffodils. Last night I placed an order with Brecks for even more daffodils to plant this fall. 

Can never have enough daffodils!

Looking at this video I am again reminded that this is my last move. I am totally happy here on our one acre of land in southern coastal Delaware. Of course I miss hills and mountains  and warm weather and the beat and throb of the city but here is where I will end my days. Of course punctuated with my quarterly excursions with Pat, my Canadian Travel Buddy.

Living the dream folks!


Raybeard said...

Beautiful, Ron. If you want a flower to cheer you up there's absolutely nothing to touch those happy, smiley daffs.
Our Springtime flowers have been having a bit of a struggle this year. Spring? We've got four or five successive frosty nights coming up. Yuk!

Ron said...

I can never have enough daffodils. First year here I forgot to plant daffodils in the fall. The following spring came without cheerful yellow daffodils to greet me, sad. I quickly corrected that. Now every fall I plant more daffodils. More and more!

nitewrit said...


The Skunk Cabbage is really in bloom, just green after green after green.


Ur-spo said...

So lovely!
This is where you can spread my ashes.