Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Impeach Trump Now

Folks, I'm going to give you a warning right up front. This blog posting is a political rant.

These days I am growing increasingly concerned at where our country is headed. 

I do not exaggerate when I say we are headed for a dictatorship.  

Trump is ignoring Congress's Constitutional duty to provide oversight to the Administrative branch of our government. 

Congress issues subpoenas and Trump ignores them. The Republican controlled Senate ignores this blatant disregard for the law by Trump.

Trump has been getting away with breaking the law his whole life. Anybody who challenges him, he either threatens to sue or sues. 

Even if Trump is impeached or loses the next election, he will not leave the White House. He will have to be taken out by U.S. Marshalls. 

I am sure this is where this criminal will end, led out of the White House in handcuffs like Julian Assange was taken out of the Ecuadorian Embassy. 

The Democratic leaders in the House are reluctant to begin impeachment proceedings because they're afraid they'll lose voters in the 2020 elections. Really?  The Trump base will never change. They'll support Trump literally if he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue. They'll just blame the shooting on Obama or Hillary.

Of course the Senate will not vote to impeach Trump. But put those cowards and non-patriots on record as having enabled Trump, the greatest danger this country has ever faced in our history.

Remember, the enemy is within.

Republican Senators 2019

Lamar Alexander – Tennessee
John Barrasso – Wyoming
Roy Blunt – Missouri
John Boozman – Arkanss
Richard Burr – North Carolina
Shelley Moore Capito – West Virginia
Bill Cassiday – Louisiana
Susan Collins – Maine
John Cornyn – Texas
Tom Cotton – Arkansas
Mike Crapo – Idaho
Kevin Cramer – North Dakota
Ted Cruz – Texas
Steve Daines – Montana
Mike Enzi – Wyoming
Joni Ernst – Iowa
Deb Fischer – Nebraska
Cory Gardner – Colorado
Lindsey Graham – South Carolina
Chuck Grassley – Iowa
Josh Hawley – Missouri
John Hoeven – North Dakota
Cindy Hyde-Smith – Mississipi
Jim Inhofe – Oklahoma
Johnny Isakson – Georgia
Ron Johnson – Wisconsin
John Kennedy – Louisiana
James Lankford – Oklahoma
Mike Lee – Utah
Mitch McConnell – Kentucky
Jerry Moran – Kansas
Lisa Murkowski – Alaska
Rand Paul – Kentucky
David Perdue – Georgia
Rob Portman – Ohio
Jim Risch – Idaho
Pat Roberts – Kansas
Mike Rounds – South Dakota
Mitt Romney – Utah
Marco Rubio – Florida
Ben Sasse – Nebraska
Tim Scott – South Carolina
Richard Shelby – Alabama
Dan Sullivan – Alaska
John Thune – South Dakota
Thom Tillis – North Carolina
Pat Toomey – Pennsylvania
Roger Wicker – Mississippi 
Todd Young - Indiana


Joel Reisteter said...

That would wonderful it Trump was taken away in handcuffs on January 20, 2021, or earlier. But I just don't think that will happen when he loses on November 3, 2020.
Handshake, handshake, a hug and perhaps a peck on the cheek to you Ron.
Thank you.

LEfting said...

I agree with every word you wrote. I live in Canada, and trust me, your fearless nincompoop of a leader doesn't have many fans here or anywhere else in the world. Only in American, as they say. To keep children in cages gives me nightmares. How any human being could vote for such a jackass is beyond comprehension. And yet, he won! God help you all.

Ron said...

Write this down, Trump will not go away peacefully. He will have to be forcibly removed from the White House.

Ron said...

The day will come when Trump is removed from the White House. He will not go peacefully. But he will be removed, mark my words. Probably by U. S. Marshalls. When that day happens you will see such a celebration in the world that we have never witnessed before.

VRC-Do You! said...

There are so many stories in the news about immigrant children. This is NOT US!! I step back and look at events as a whole. Is this what we want others to see the United States as? I look at Trump, and his family, and think would I invite these folks to dinner, trust these folks in the business, to formulate policy... The answer is NO! I just want to shut the door on them. Your actions, words, and non-verbulation speak volumes. Go back to Trump Tower, under your rock, and leave us alone. I can't forget the enablers. All the folks, and then some, that you listed in your column. WE ARE in a crisis.

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

God, I wish he could be taken away in handcuffs. Sooner rather than later, but I think we have to have patience and light bigger fires under those you've listed above. I just don't get how anyone can continue to support the immoral, lying sociopaths much longer.

Anonymous said...

A vote away from taking away cival unions should be the wake-up call.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
We all knew who Trump was. What has me so concerned is how many are fooled by his con and Republicans in Congress who are silent and by their silence they are enabling him. I'm reluctant to use the Hitler analogy but this is how Hitler rose to power. Those who could speak didn't until it came time for them. Then it was too late.

Ron said...

Misadventures in Widowhood,
I live for the day when Trump is held accountable for his lifetime of criminality. I'm not religious but I do hope and pray those who have enabled Trump are also held accountable.

Ron said...

Oh yes, I fully expect same sex marriage to be repealed . Then you're going to see people in the streets.That might be the tipping point.