Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Pat Rides My Bike

During these cold days of January I am choosing to post a short video I took during Pat's visit here (Delaware) last spring.

I have a bike. I brought the bike from a neighbor who said he can no longer ride his bike because he has prostate problems. I haven't ridden a bike since the 70's.  I yearned to ride a bike again.

After paying $100 for my neighbor's bike I put another $100 or so to clean up the bike. Then I rode it. 

The seat was too high. I tried to lower it but couldn't. So I adjusted myself to riding a high seat bike. No wonder my neighbor had prostate problems. I don't have such problems since my prostate cancer treatment. I still have my prostate but it's been radiated to death. It doesn't work now. It's just there. Sorry to get icky here but just stating a fact.

My second ride I promptly fell off my bike and injured my leg. I bruised the bone. First time I ever did that. Took months to heal.  

I still ride my bike occasionally but only through my development here where Bill and I live. 

Pat rides his bike in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada a LOT more than I do.  He rides all over.  I am restricted to where I can ride my bike. I tried riding it out on Oyster Rocks Road but since falling, I'm shaky about riding my bike with vehicles whizzing by me, especially those pick up trucks from hunters and fishermen racing to the end of Oyster Rocks Road to the Broadkill River.

During Pat's annual visit last spring to Casa Tipton-Kelly, I asked him if he wanted to take a ride on my bike. This is the video. Seats too high for him too.


nitewrit said...


A least he could ride it. Remember, I couldn't even get up on it.


Joel Reisteter said...

Ah! Springtime! It seems a whole lot more inviting and welcoming than this cold dreary January day. I needed to see this, thank you very much for posting, Ron.
Have you tried using WD-40 to loosen the seat pole and tube? It worked for me.

Ron said...

It's still hard for me to get up on the bike. I'm thinking of buying another bike and parking it down my friends' Mike and Bob's house. They have a bike path right behind their house. And I'll make sure to have a bike seat that's not that high.

Ron said...

I tried jut about everything, that seat ain't coming down.

Ur-spo said...

I think perhaps it is prudent for you to stay off of bicycles lest there are falls and breaks and the ER must be summoned oh the pain oh the embarrassment.