Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Three Big Hits and Other Thoughts

This past week I've taken three big financial hits. 

Last week my anchor crown broke. Visit to the dentist Monday. Big bill. $$$$$$$$

Yesterday I replaced the tires and brake pads on my car.  Big bill. $$$$$$

On the 30th of this month I'm having the leak in our basement wall repaired.  Big bill. $$$$$$$

Thank goodness I've already paid for my flight and accommodations in California.  I paid those last year when I made the reservations.  

But you know folks, even though I'm whining about my recent spate of big bills, these are only "first world problems."  At least I have a steady source of money flowing into our household.  Social security, pension payments and income from my part-time job at the hotel.  I feel so bad for those government workers, Coast Guard, TSA and contractors who are receiving NO MONEY as a result of Trump's hostage taking to fulfill a campaign promise to his rabid supporters to build a wall that he said Mexico would pay for.  Can't give in to hostage takers like Trump because he'll just do it again. For the first time in his life the lifetime criminal Trump is faced with not getting his way by bullying and intimidation. His lifetime of criminality will be exposed soon. But here I go on a rant again (feels so good).

Back to life here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  My big toe nail is slowly coming back.  Nice to have a new toenail. I'm going to lose my other toenail.  Two new toenails! Would like to have a new body and face.  I'm falling apart. Maybe in my next life!  You know the problem with youth?  When you have that fabulous, young, springy body and good looks you're too stupid to appreciate it.  As you get older and wiser, your body and looks let you down.  I'm a lot wiser now (still dumb in other areas) but my body (and looks) are failing me now. I guess I just have to accept I'm a washed up has been.  Hey! There I go on another rant.

My departure date (February 10th) is quickly approaching. So looking forward to our (me and Pat) annual adventure in sunny California.  Two weeks folks! A week in West Hollywood and a week in Palm Springs.  Hopefully I won't injure my self during this jaunt.  I will tip toe through the tulips in La La Land very carefully.


Dave in Texas said...

Tropicale in Palm Springs is my favorite restaurant there- hope you can go there for one of your meals!

Ron said...

Dave in Texas,
Thanks for the tip. We'll check out Tropicale in Palm Springs.

Ur-spo said...

I think every budget should have a sizeable allowance for 'disaster happenings' .

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
You're absolutely right! I always advise my friends when they make a budget, "provide for the unexpected because sure as night become day, those expenses will pop up, usually unexpectedly."