Monday, January 28, 2019

I Hate The Cold

Pat, layered up tonight, for his nighttime walk in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - he will not be wearing this garb in California

The two least liked months of the year are about half over. January and February, I dread those months. Those are the "lost months" to me. 

Each year the cold bothers me more and more. I now understand while old folks want to retire to "warmer climes".  I know I do.  But I do like the change of seasons. I don't think I will ever move away from where I live here in southern Delaware. But I do like to get a respite from the cold.  That's why I talked my Travel Buddy (that would be Pat) to extend our annual trip to LaLa Land (that would be Los Angeles and Palm Springs) to two weeks from one week.  My idea escape from winter would be to spend TWO MONTHS in California.  Ah yes, to live and breath among the swaying palm trees and warm breezes caressing my aged, weathered cheeks (on my face that is).

I'm at work now (the hotel). Quiet night at the hotel, only three room occupied (out of 22 rooms and 3 suites).  A few minutes ago I went outside to do my rounds (check balcony lights and locks on doors).  Man, it is cold out there!  Actually the temperature was 31 degrees.  Pat, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada just came in from his walk in 19 degrees.  At least we don't have snow here (thank goodness).  Pat's got snow in Hamilton.

This morning I took Bill to see his VA doctor for the results of his labs.  Bill's doing fine.  Bill does have to get his ears cleaned (wax buildup) and he needs an eye examination but health wise, Bill is doing great.  

I'm making progress, albeit slow, in cleaning out my years of accumulations of things after cleaning out our basement media/storage room. I'm coming across a lot of items that is jogging my memory of my previous life working at the banks where I was employed for thirty-seven years.  Names I've long forgotten, I'll hang on to those items.  I am throwing things out.  Progress.

Last week a local thrift store picked up to three foot high speakers that Bill no longer wanted.  On Wednesday the people from Dry Zone are coming to fix the leak in our basement wall, which resulted in a leak which resulted in our emptying out the basement media/storage room and ripping up the very expensive Berber carpet.  Once we get that leak fixed we're going to have a home theater in that room. Finally, after living here for thirteen years.  No more junk room.  Progress.

I have to make progress folks. I'll share something with you. I feel I'm slowing down. I don't have the energy I used to have. This has been gradual the past five years, ever since my prostate cancer surgery. My cancer has not returned but I don't have the energy I used to have.  There are many signs that I have conveniently chosen to ignore but I can no longer ignore. 

Just keeping it real here folks. Perhaps I'll write more on this subject in future blog posts. But to wrap up this blog post, it's cold outside and I don't like it. So looking forward to California.


Jon said...

I feel exactly the same as you, Ron. I love seeing the change of seasons, but I truly hate cold weather.. And, yes, the cold bothers me more with every passing year.
I envy your upcoming trip to Calif. and I yearn to see another gorgeous California winter. It was close to paradise.
Keep warm and cozy.

Travel said...

Every January and February I question the sanity of moving this far north from central Florida, my home for about 20 years. Love and opportunities are the reasons. Stay warm, it is going to be a chilly couple of days.

Ron said...

We LOVE being in California during January and February, seeing those swaying palm trees and the easy going lifestyle. It's always a shock when we return home to the cold. But ah, those two weeks, especially in Palm Springs, I definitely could live there year round. But I do like the change of seasons. This is a good compromise, we have the best of both worlds although I am thinking of spending three weeks or more in California in the future in the winter.

Ron said...

Travel (David),
When I was young I didn't quite understand why so many retirees wanted to move to a warmer climate. Now I know. I'm tempted believe me to bet away from this cold during the winter. I can take a couple week or a month but three months? My goal is in the future to spend at least two months, preferably January and February (the "lost months") in California or where the temperature is warmer.