Sunday, January 06, 2019

Downsizing Progress

Begone junk!

This morning in about a half an hour a woman from the neighborhood is stopping by to take our wall to wall Berber carpet.  Bill had to take up that expensive carpet in our media/storage room after part of it was damaged due to a water leak. Only around the one edge of the rug is damaged. The rest of the rug, 98% is perfectly fine.  Unused, not walked on because all my storage boxes was sitting on it for the past thirteen years since we moved to Delaware.

Last week I tried to arrange a pickup of this rug, and an oversized office desk and two large speakers picked up by ReStore, the local Habitat for Humanity thrift store. They didn't want it. 

I tried the All Saints Thrift store. They will pick up the speakers but didn't want the desk (they already have three on their floor) or carpet. None of these thrift stores want carpet, no matter what condition it is in. 

I was reduced to calling 1-800 Got Junk but I am reluctant to pay to have my stuff removed from the premises.  One last ditch attempt I posted my items to the NextDoor app.  I've gotten rid of things before that way.  After a few tentative nibbles I finally got a bite.  That is this lady who is stopping by in about twenty minutes.  

I did call Got Junk and they're coming by tomorrow to pick up the rest of the stuff.  I'm going to include an old screen door that Bill was hanging on to "just in case".  We'll never use that screen door.  I'm also going to make disappear an old metal baker's rack a neighbor gave us (that's how he disposed of his junk) shortly after we arrived on the scene here in beautiful southern Delaware. That bakers rack is doing noting but rusting out by the garden shed.  I'll be glad to get rid of it.  

Making progress folks!


Sassybear said...

We used 1-800-junk to get rid of a recliner that broke just before Christmas this year. We had no other known way to get rid of it (can't discard it with regular trash and our town dump was closed for the winter)and I was not having a broken recliner sit in our house for several months until the dump opened again. We don't have that kind of extra storage space. The cost was painful, but the convenience was undeniable: we sent an e-mail, they were at our house within 2 hours, and took the chair away.

Also, last summer we rented a dumpster and purged our house of all of our junk, debris and items we couldn't otherwise give away (we always try to dispose of things for free on freecyle, facebook, or craigslist to avoid adding to the growing landfill and waste problem, and we never sell things - not our style; we just give them away.)It was so cathartic to rid ourselves of all the clutter. I try really hard not to have a build up of stored items we no longer use, and once a year we re-assess our belongings and get rid of anything we don't use, wear, display, or no longer need.

Good luck with your own purge.

Ur-spo said...

Dear me I thought this photo was actually yours, the stuff from your basement.

Travel said...

I have college hunks hauling junk, coming on Tuesday morning, for a desk, desk chair, bookcase, bed frames, bike, broken waggon, TV stand, three floor lamps. Living in a small space (1120 sq. ft.) we have to edit to make it all fit.

Anonymous said...

Soon you'll be left with the shirt on your back. If I recall you gave await the shirts
years ago. Books are another one that are hard to give away. Sometimes local libraries
collect them for booksales. Every little bit helps


Ron said...

Sassy Bear,
The guys from 1-800-GOTJUNK came today and took our disassemble oversized desk, rug remnants and an old baker's shelf that our neighbor downsized on us years ago. That darn thing had a tree growing up trough it. You're right, the cost ($179) was painful but worth it because we now have space. We forgot to tell them to take away an old screen door though. That will be in the next load. We're like you, I try to find a new home for my things which are usually in excellent shape. I don't sell them. I've had some luck with the NextDoor app but no luck this time. I feel better about giving new life to things rather than total waste, especially something that can be used, adding to the landfills. And you're right, this does feel very cathartic.

Ron said...

Oh no! I have a lot of junk but I'm not that bad. Sorry to give you a fright there.

Ron said...

David (Travel),
We have lots of living space (5242 square feet) but we don't want to become hoarders. If we're not using it, it goes.

Ron said...

I won't be giving the shirt off my back. You're right about books being hard to give away. The libraries here won't even take them. I give my biographies to a blogger friend. The others go to a thrift store, they will take them. My old books I'm hanging on too for sentimental reasons. They'll go when I kick the bucket.