Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dog Days of October - Hurricane Michael

As I write this blog Hurricane Michael is roaring through the Florida panhandle and southern Georgia leaving massive destruction in its path. 

Outside the windows of my home office the sun is shining brightly and the air is heavy with humidity. Even though the temperature is 82 degrees it feels like 95 degrees.

Halloween is two and a half weeks away and here we are slogging through another late summer like August day.  Where is fall?  Where are the crisp, brisk days of autumn with the smell of autumn leaves crackling underfoot? 

Climate change is a hoax?  I don't think so.

Trump with Homeland Security Director and FEMA Director (they look like hostages)

President Trump just had an awkward photo op in the Oval Office with the head of Homeland Security and the FEMA Director, attempting to show his concern about Hurricane Michael.  I doubt seriously Trump cares about Hurricane Michael but he knows he has to show "concern" lest he drop in the polls.  Oh, and he has another ego feeding rally in Pennsylvania later today.  That's what he's concerned about, he might miss one of his rallies. After all, that's what he lives for, feed that insatiable ego of his.  But I digress.

Trump in Oval Office during Hurricane Michael "briefing" - you can tell he's anxious to get on Air Force One and to his pep rally in Pennsylvania because "thousands of people are already in line and we don't want to disappoint them"

Tomorrow morning we have the rug cleaning people coming in to clean the high traffic areas of our rugs.  This is the first time I've done this.  I didn't tell Bill, he would get whacked out.  He doesn't like people coming into the house.  I'll spring this on him tomorrow morning. Those rugs need cleaned.

Sunday Ferdinand Hernandez and his wife come by to trim my twenty-one holly trees.  That's a twice a year expense that I probably shouldn't have had I not accepted those holly saplings my neighbor's mother offered to me ten years go. Little did I know those holly trees would grow so big.  I should have planted trees that didn't need twice a year trimming.

Just check the stock market, the Dow is down 831 points!  Guess Trump won't be bragging about how HE improved the stock market at his pep rally in Pennsylvania.  

His Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice and is now hearing cases.  Nice job Republicans who put an accused sex abuser who displayed a total lack of judicial temperament during his hearings to the Supreme Court.  You don't believe the woman, Dr. Ford who accused Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her.  What gets me, even if they didn't believe the woman, what about Kavanaugh's injudicious rage and disrespect to sitting Senators who were questioning him during his hearings?  Is that the way a future Supreme Court Justice should behave?  Certainly not but the Good Old Boy network is still in power.  But maybe not for long, only three weeks to November 6th.

November is coming.


Joel Reisteter said...

That hurricane has me on alert for everybody north of Cape Hatteras to Provincetown with special concern for DelMarVa and Sussex Co. DE. - you guys.
All you'll probably get is a lot of rain and some strong wind and rain gusts.
As for your politics, I hope you have joined Tom Steyer's Need To Impeach, it keeps me sane.

Ron said...

the rain is coming Joel!

Raybeard said...

Does no one ever school the Very Sable Genius in body language? His frequently tightly folded arms tell more truth about his frame of mind than he ever expresses in words - and, boy, it looks BAD.

Ron said...

So obvious that Trump doesn't want to make decisions like this. He likes all the trappings of the office but he's no leader. I will continue to be dumbfound to the end of my life that so many people in my country voted this moron into office.

Travel said...

I love the caption on the first picture.

Ur-spo said...


Ron said...

The do look like they're being held hostage don't they?

Ron said...

"Hurricane Michael came in like a bowling ball and left a path of death and destruction" - Good thing it wasn't named Hurricane Mindy