Sunday, October 21, 2018

Homeowners' Association Meeting

Yesterday I attended the annual Homeowners' Association Meeting of the community where I live. 

The meeting was held at the home of one of the board members. 

We have fifty-seven homes in our community which is called Covington Chase. 

Most of the homes and neighbors in our community are very nice.  However, in every neighborhood there are a few spoilers.  We have two of them. I won't mention names but the way they keep up or don't keep up their homes is a detriment to our community.  We tried to address that problem yesterday without much success.

I used to be on the board but I don't want that pressure.  Maybe if I was younger, I would take on that responsibility.  However, I still feel guilty that I don't do more for our community.

We also have a problem that so few members of our community will serve on the board or as officers.  I appreciate those who do serve.  They're all fine folks; Marty, Wes, Linda and Joe.  Another neighbor volunteered to become a member of the board yesterday, thanks Bev!

Our HOA fees are very low, $300 a year.  Compare that with the $420 A MONTH that Pat has to pay for his small condo in Palm Springs.  

One of our neighbors who lives next to one of the spoilers complained bitterly yesterday that the board isn't doing anything about his neighbor who have multiple vehicles parked in front of his house and an algae infested pool in the back of his house.  I feel bad for that neighbor the one who is complaining.  I know what it is like to have bad neighbors. When Bill and I lived in Pennsylvania we had a terrible neighbor.  Not only was the wife very homophobic (probably because her brother was a swishy gay) but they were loud.  On any given day two to four ATV's would roar around their two acres of land. Every day in the summertime her little girl (Stephanie) would scream that Little Girl Piercing Scream ALL DAY while she frolicked in their backyard pool.  Then almost every weekend they had parties, sometimes past midnight.  I had to call the township police when to put an end to their toga party that was especially boisterous. Thank God we don't have THOSE kind of neighbors here.  We're very lucky that we have delightful neighbors on BOTH sides of us.  Couldn't ask for better neighbors which is very unusual because the couple who live in the house to our right are Trumpsters. But they like us in spite of the fact they know we hate and despise Trump and all that he stands for.

At yesterday's meeting I introduced myself to some of my neighbors who I never met before.  I enjoy these get togethers.  However I wish more neighbors who attend our Homeowners' Meetings. 

Living in a neighborhood like this was one of my goals when I moved to southern Delaware. That goal has been realized folks.  I will die here.  Oh sure, I will still visit Canada, Philadelphia and California every year but here in southern Delaware is where I will end my days.  


nitewrit said...


We have 38 homes in our community. I have very nice neighbors around me. I was once upon a time on the Board of the Community Association. I was also on the Board of the Neighborhood Watch. I no longer want to be in those activities. Our yearly dues are $35. They use to be $25 annually, but they raised them after the snows a couple yerars ago depleted the snow removal funds. No complains. The 36 years we lived here our streets have always been plowed early and kept clean.


Ur-spo said...

My eyes cross at the notion of attending the HOA around here; it would resemble an orchestra of scorched cats.

Travel said...

You don't want to know how much my condo fee is here in Alexandria, but the place is well run, well maintained. On the green pool, call code enforcement or the county health department. Likely the only way to enforce parking violations is to sue, and with just 57 homes - a $16,000 a year budget, the association does not have the resources to sue. Our HOA association budget is about $9-million a year, they sue.

Ron said...

You do live in a nice community. Wow! Only $35 a year in HOA fees and you get your streets cleaned. That's a bargain. We're looking at getting our roads repaved sometime in the future at an estimated cost of $135,000. I might be in the big HOA in the sky by that time.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Now there's something you could do in your spare time, volunteer to serve on your HOA board. Your life wouldn't be dull then (smile).

Ron said...

You're right, we don't have the funds to sue. However, we could check the country regulations re pools. It's a shame that in almost every neighborhood there are stinkers like that homeowner who do things like this just to spite the rest of the neighbors.

"Tommy" said...

I always enjoiy your videos and photographs

Ron said...

Thank you Tommy. I enjoy posting them.