Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Foods That I Don't Like

Me having a black bean burger and big fries at 33 Bowen Restaurant during my recent visit to Hamilton Canada. Black bean burger was flat and the roll tasteless but the fries were great!  I love crispy fries!

Time for a list!

I love lists.  This one is of foods that I don't like. Actually, foods that I hate.  Foods that I cannot eat.  Foods that literally I am unable to swallow.

Some of these foods I have disliked all my life.  Growing up, I didn't have much choice since we had to eat what my Mother put on the table. But once I got away from home, I had the freedom to choose to eat what I liked.  

As I have grown older I have noticed that foods that I used to like I can no longer eat.  My stomach rebels. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten those foods earlier in my life.  But when you're brainwashed by the mass advertisements for food, you don't know the difference.  But I have listened to my body and here are the foods, in no particular order, that will never pass my lips again:

Seafood - that includes ANY kind of seafood including fish, shrimp, lobster, octopus, mussels, oysters, et al.  I literally gag if I eat seafood

Rhubarb - I had a piece of rhubarb pie once given to me by the mother of a friend of mine, I almost died.  I don't know what was in it but it was one of the worst things I ever ate.  It took me about three days to recover. That was because she insisted that I take a "second piece."  Makes me dizzy to think about that episode again

Milk - I used to drink milk as a beverage as I was growing up.  However, the older I became I must have developed an intolerance to lactose. The first time I tried almond milk on my cereal my stomach said "Thank you!"  Thus, the rest of my life, no milk. Sorry milk industry.

Beer - sorry beer drinkers, but to me beer tastes like piss (not that I know what piss would taste like).  For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would like the taste of beer.  I just don't get it.

Prime rib steak rare - a big slab of pink meat? No thank you!  I can eat beef stew where the chunks of beef are very small and fork tender.

Any food with artificial ingredients including trans fat - I know this covers a wide range of foods.  It took me some time to realize that I was allergic to artificial flavoring and other shelf extenders.  Once I cut out foods with artificial ingredients I didn't have an upset stomach anymore.

Garlic powder - this is an interesting choice because I love garlic but garlic powder makes me sick.  Every now and then I eat a frozen entree or other prepared food for convenience.  If I get an upset stomach I check the ingredients of what I ate and sure enough, garlic power was one of the ingredients.  I don't know what it is about garlic powder but if I eat food that is loaded down with garlic powder I don't have a good night's sleep.

Brown chicken meat - all my life I could only eat the white meat (breast) of chicken.  Growing up only my Mother was allowed to eat the chicken breast.  Me and my brothers got the drum stick or wings.  My father used to love to torture me by giving me the tail of the chicken and forcing me to eat it.  Yep, that was pop.  I vowed when I grew up I would only eat the white meat of chicken.  Now I can hardly eat even a half a breast of chicken. I can tolerate three or four chunks stewed in a white wine and vegetable mixture.

Wild game - includes rabbit, deer, squirrels and another other game meat.  I ate pheasant once and like that but that was only once when I was about ten years old.  

Rice - I actually like to eat rice but if I do, it constipates me something terribly.  If I do eat rice, it has to be very light, aromatic and fluffy. I hate the gummy kind.

Macaroni and cheese - literally gags me.  Which is interesting because I love pasta. I just can't figure out why I can't eat macaroni and cheese. So many find it the perfect comfort food. For a long time I thought my aversion to macaroni and cheese was the macaroni pasta but I've had that pasta in a Greek dish called Pastiche and I like it.  Tis a mystery to me.

Ground turkey - as in meatballs and meatloaf.  Sorry, if I'm having meatballs or meatloaf I'm having ground beef in that concoction.  What's with the turkey? I love turkey but cooked in the oven and slathered with turkey gravy, not ground up in a fake meatball.

Candy - I don't eat candy.  Which is very unusual because as a kid I practically lived on candy.  I spent most of my paper boy money on candy (and comic books).  After I left school and put on forty pounds (weighing over two hundred pounds), I gave up candy.  Haven't gone back since.  I do like dessert which I usually treat myself to once a day, at the end of the day but to snack on candy?  Something I haven't done in over fifty years and never will again as long as I live.  I could eat it but I have a mental block against eating candy.

Wonder bread - like many of you I was brought up eating Wonder bread.  Didn't like it then and don't like it now.  Tasteless.  I do like fresh bread but that's very rare to get really fresh bread. I don't eat any bread at all.  Only exception is the Indian Naan bread, a flat bread.

There are more foods that I don't like but I can't think of them now.  As I said before, I've notice the older I get I don't have the appetite I used to have and my tastes are more sensitive.   

This video was taken during my recent visit to Canada. Pat and I always stop at IKEA and partake of their wonderful cafeteria. I go for the Swedish meatballs and Pat gets the veggie meatballs.


Raybeard said...

Re milk: I finally settled on oatmilk as my fave, closely followed by the cashew - which I think you yourself suggested some time ago. Never looked back since.

Those fries look seriously good. We Brits love our 'chips' to be fat, chunky - and when they're crisp as well there's no beating them (plenty of salt and vinegar!). We can never understand why so many North Americans go for those thinly sliced chips. I haven't been inside a McDonalds for close on 30 years now, but if their chips haven't changed they could just as well be used as toothpicks - and nutritionally be every bit as 'satisfying' as such.

Mike, Studio City said...

That was fun, now I am hungry. But no bloody dead cow.

Travel said...

I will eat almost anything that does not eat me first. I agree, with one point, don’t drink milk - icky!, Almond mile, were is the udder?

Joel Reisteter said...

Ron - I'm with you on the rhubarb. I could swear it almost killed me the one time I tried a piece of rhubarb pie. I got very sick with regurgitation and diarrhea for about 3 days. However, I do like most seafood except sushi, but following your blog, "sushi" is slowly becoming to mean all seafood and freshwater fish.
You've got a good point with your dislike of seafood.
I am slowly weaning myself from beer and other alcohol drinks, I used to love beer. Wonder Bread is not bread at all. My appetite and tastes have changed lately and I eat less that what I did before. It may come with "old age" as some older friends have said in the past.

Ron said...

Pat introduced me to oat milk when I visited him last month. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it here in Delaware. I'll continue looking though. I like my fries thick too. Those fries I had at Bowen 33 were probably the best I've ever had. I agree with you on skinny fries. I never understood all the fuss over McDonald's skinny fries. I think because Julie Child said she liked them. I like fat chips with the skin on them.

Ron said...

Agreed on the dead cow.

Ron said...

I can manage dairy products in a recipe but a glass of milk? No way.

Ron said...

I suffered when I ate that rhubarb pie, two pieces! I agree with you that Wonder bread isn't bread. It's air with soft texture. Nothing there. I do have a reduced appetite though, which is probably a good thing.

Raybeard said...

Ah, fried potato skins, YES! - though I know you weren't specifically referring to them as a separate menu item. Don't know why more restaurants don't offer them. Better than chucking them out - and, clearly, profitable.

Ron said...

And healthier Ray! I love the nutty flavor of potato skins.