Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Scenes Around the House

Our front door

Have you been wondering where I've been? I've been making more video compilations of photos and videos of my former high school classmates for posting to You Tube. This is a project that I have long delayed but can no longer. Too many of us are dying. I have to get those hundreds of photos and videos I've taken of past class reunion committee meetings and reunions posted before I die. 

And on that note I will transition to today's post. This is the first of many future posts about our home.  

I love our home. 

The photo at the beginning of this post is the front door of our home. We never enter the house this way. We go through the garage. 

The front door is used by service people and our neighbor Bob M. who visits Bill and brings freshly caught and cooked fish for Bill. This morning the door bell chimed and it was the serviceman for our monthly irrigation system check. Next week a visit is scheduled with our HVAC service company. Politicians seeking votes occasionally ring our church chimes doorbell. And, once in a great while a guy will ring our doorbell offering us a "deal" to coat our driveway.

Bill and I have lived in five homes during our fifty-four years of cohabitation. This is our final home. Well, actually, those two cemetery plots I bought in 2000 at the Northwood Cemetery will be our final "home" but this home our last move. At least that's the way I plan it.  Baring an accidental death or a slow decline and I end up blubbering in a "rehab" center, this house is where I die.

As you come in the front door, to the left is the smallest bedroom in our house, which I use as my home office. That's where I am now, typing this blog post. To the right is our dining room, which of course we never use. It's a semi-storage room now. Further to the left is the guest bedroom.  I call it "Pat's Room" because he's the only one who stays there.  

Our front door faces east. The morning sun comes through for about a half an hour in the early morning, bathing the hallway in life infusing light. Sort of like the "light at the end of the tunnel" many who have experienced near death have claimed to see. 

Now I have a lemon sponge pie to make. Have a great day everyone!


Jon said...

You have such a beautiful and well-maintained home, Ron. I love to see rooms that are filled with natural sunlight. Unfortunately, the back part of my house doesn't get any sunlight, thanks to the nearby forest - but the front gets the afternoon sunlight.
Save some of that lemon sponge pie for me!

Joel Reisteter said...

It's beautiful, Ron.

Ron said...

Thanks Joel! Took a long time to get to this place but I'm here now and enjoying it for the duration.

Ron said...

Lots of light in the back. I had eight extra windows put in the back part of the house. Well worth it. Bill spends most of his day there in his Archie Bunker chair on his iPad. Best part of the house. Lemon sponge pie, my absolutely favorite which I discovered by mistake a few months ago. I can't get enough. I'll post the recipe in a future blog posting.

nitewrit said...


I really like lemon sponge pie. My grandmother used to make it a lot, along with many other pies, lemon meringue, apple, cherry, pumpkin, shoo-fly, banana cream, blueberry, coconut cream--see what you've done! You've made me both hungry for pie and nostalgic. I miss her cooking. My grandmother made great pies.


Ron said...

I stumbled on this recipe for lemon sponge pie by accident. I was making a buttermilk pie and had extra lemon juice, which turned it into a lemon filling on the bottom and I whip the egg whites to make a sponge top. I don't remember ever eating any of your grandmother's pies but I do remember her iced tea, the best ever. I have no doubt she was a great pie maker and homemade crust too! Your grandmother was a wonderful person and the perfect grandmother. I never had a grandmother (living while I was living) so yours was always my ideal grandmother. You were very lucky to have her.

Ur-spo said...

You are a fortunate fellow you like where you live.