Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Battalion Parade Ft. Devens, Mass

Last night I returned to work. I was a bit woozy but I made it through my eight hour shift. 

It was good to return to work. Of course I was very busy, this is the height of the summer season. 
But I didn't mind.  I am appreciative that I have this good job. 

Returning to work last night reminded me of an episode I had when I was in the Army at Ft. Devens Massachusetts. That was also a hot summer August day and I was very sick. I was very nauseous.  I think the cause was dried soap on the metal tray that I ate off in the mess hall.  

We had a battalion parade that afternoon.  There I was in my freshly pressed khakis and blue ascot, ready to march. As we were marching I felt bile coming up in my throat. I was about to throw up on the soldier marching in front of me. I couldn't do that. So I dropped out of the parade and sat down in the shade of a maple tree, waiting for the wave of nausea to go away.  I was sure I was going to be arrested and sent to the stockade for dropping out of the parade.  But nothing happen. 

After the waves of nausea passed and I managed not to throw up, I went back to my barracks.

Old barracks Ft. Devens, Mass

After I returned to the barracks I did vomit. I had "it" coming out both ends. The barracks was empty, this being a Friday and everyone was at the parade. The MP didn't come after me. 

The next day I was scheduled for KP.  I just couldn't imagine going on KP, feeling as I did.  I had never before went on sick call but decided to.  

After I got myself together, I went to sick call building. It was closed for the weekend.  What?  CLOSED?  What?  Soldiers don't get sick on the weekend?  I guess not.

The next morning (Saturday), I arrived at the battalion mess hall, reporting for KP.  Of course I was assigned pots and pans. I was sure I would die.  I didn't. I survived that fifteen hour shift, getting off at nine o'clock that night which my water shriveled hands. 

I think I sweated out the sick in me during the early morning hours in that hot and steamy kitchen, washing the pots and pans. I slowly returned to normal in the afternoon.  I got through it.  You know what folks, if I got through that episode, as sick as I was, last night was nothing. Still, I wouldn't want to chance going to work feeling like I did last Thursday morning.

Only a week to go until my appointment with my ENT doctor next week.  

Me with my buddies at Ft. Devens, Mass - 1960 (can you identify me?)


Harry Hamid said...

People change so much during life, but... bottom right, right?

Joel Reisteter said...

Diarrhea, regurgitation - this post is making me *sick* and much flatulence coming out of me as I reply to your post. I don't remember having both at the same time. However, you did and your memories of Army life are interesting. Great to hear you're feeling better. Hopefully your E,N & T doc will find what could be the cause of your problem. Thanks for sharing.


Ron said...

You're right Harry! Bottom right, that's me.

Ron said...

Less than a week to go to find out my respiratory problem. Hopefully to resolve it.