Thursday, August 16, 2018


Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul,  passed away today.  

Aretha and I were of  the same age.  She was part of my life's Journey.

She will be missed greatly by many. But she will be remembered forever knowing her legacy will live on in her beautiful music.

Rest in peace dear lady.


Raybeard said...

Though we were all fearing it, Ron, it's still a shock. Now we collectively mourn for the passing of a very great lady - and people of our generation, as well as many younger, will miss her presence sorely. Our gratitude to her memory is immense.

Joel Reisteter said...

May the Queen of Soul Rest In Peace.
Pancreatic cancer, so sad :_(
Yes, I am a fan of her music, too.
I had tickets to her August 2016 engagement at Musikfest in Bethlehem. I got my money refunded when she had to cancel. (for *undisclosed* reasons)

Ron said...

Aretha left a beautiful, lasting legacy.

Ron said...

I would have loved to seen her in person. I have an "Aretha" story which I will post soon. First I have to confirm the facts with my co-worker.

pat888 said...

Ron - her bio is certainly amazing. And I didn't realize she still resided in Detroit. She brought much encouragement and joy to so many. She'll always be remembered as one of the greats. Within that elite subsection of seminal artists.

Ron said...

Dinah Washington is still my all time favorite singer but I liked Aretha too. We were of the same age. I identified with her.