Monday, August 06, 2018

Box Turtle Rescue

Yesterday, as we were returning home from our weekly jaunt to B.J.'s, we spotted a box turtle in the middle of the Oyster Rocks Road. 

This box turtle was about fifty feet from the very busy Coastal Highway (Route One) here in southern Delaware. He (or she) was purposely aimed towards crossing Route One. IF this turtle made it across Route One (which would be highly unlikely) there wasn't a suitable home for him. On the other side of the road is Hudson Fields, where soccer matches are held and occasional eleven hour loud rock concerts. 

I pulled over on the side of the road. Bill got out and interrupted this turtle's march to its doom. I told Bill to put the turtle on the floor mat, lest he poop or pee, at least I can wash off the mat. I've rescued wayward box turtles before and they do tend of soil themselves when rescued.

I told Bill we would drive to the end of Oyster Rocks Road, which dead ends at the Broadkill River, and relocate this wrongheaded turtle. The protected wetlands is a perfect home for this turtle, much better than the soccer field adjoining heavily trafficked Route One, especially in the summertime. That turtle would never had made it across Route One alive. I foresaw seeing a smashed turtle for weeks every time I returned from my shopping trips to Food Lion. That turtle was headed on a Journey of Death before we rescued him (or her).

At the end of Oyster Rocks Road I pulled over. Bill took out the turtle who was hiding in its shell. He gently placed it to the side of the road, next to the wetlands. 

One turtle saved. 


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Ron said...

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