Friday, September 05, 2014


I like to play games.  Specifically board games.

Way back before Bill (BB), my first steady boyfriend was Jim Groh.  The year was 1963 (I know, I know; before some of you were born).  

Jim (my first boyfriend) cooking at my Coatesville, PA apartment - 1963 (only on of two photos I have of him)

I had a two room, furnished, efficiency apartment in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.  I had just started a new job at Lipsett Steel Products as an accounts payable (I paid the bills) clerk.  My salary was $80 a week.  My apartment rental was $65 a month, plus utilities.  

I was 21 years old.  I met Jim at the Westbury Bar in Philadelphia. He was 24 years old and worked as an office manager for Sears Roebuck.  

Jim lived in Philadelphia.  I lived in Coatesville; 37 miles to the west of Philadelphia. Neither one of us had a car.  

Jim would take a train out to Coatesville on Friday night to spend the weekend with me at my apartment.  Neither one of us had much money.  Actually, no money.  However, we enjoyed each other's company and for several months we had a good relationship.  

We would spend our weekends cooking and playing board games, mostly Monopoly.  We also cooked.  My speciality was Swiss Steak.  I don't remember but I think we also played Scrabble.

During my recent two week stay with my friend Pat in Toronto I renewed my board game playing when I ran out of money. Pat is a Scrabble aficionado, we played Scrabble.  Of course, since Pat is a Scrabble expert, I got my behind whipped every game except the really important one. . . . the last game.  Oh how sweet it was to get a bingo and pull ahead of Pat by a few points to win.  

Ever since then I've been wanting to play Scrabble but had no viable partners here in Lower Slower.  I could play with Bill but I'm afraid I would beat him every time.  I need competition.  Someone who could match me word for word.  Someone who I would LOVE to beat.  Well folks, my search has ended.

My good neighbor Barbara visited us tonight. I asked her if she played Scrabble.  Does Barbara play Scrabble?  YES!!

So, I ordered the Deluxe version of the Scrabble game tonight from  Life is good folks!


pat888 said...

Well Ron - you are going to be especially sharp when we match up again. I'm going to have to study. Now that you hold the title - beating me on a bingo on the last game. How Hollywood is that!! Let me know how your games go with Barbara.

BTW - is this a milestone for you - writing three blog posts in one day?

Ron said...

I was very lucky to beat you on that last game of my last day in Toronto at the last minute. Very Hollywood for sure. However, it's going to take a lot of practice to beat you again. Barbarba is a good opponent. I hope to great increase my Scrabble playing skills with her.

Amanda said...

Ron, you could play Scrabble with friends on your iPhone! You will love it!

Travel said...

Looks like fun, and will test vocabulary and spelling. Next thing we know it will be "words with friends."

Ur-spo said...

I very much enjoy Scrabble, but (alas) I am not good at it, or any board game. I don't have the strategy or the patient. It is no fun playing against me as you are certain to win. Like throwing darts at jello, there are no satisfactory hits.