Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Fish and Guests . . . . . . .

Old Ben Franklin, he sure did know what he was talking about.

One of the biggest things I learned from my half month (August 15th to August 31st) stay in Canada is that I did begin to stink up my host's house after three days.  What was I thinking?   

Did I think I was member of Congress taking half a month of August off for vacation?  Did I think I was the president (Bush, Reagan, Clinton and now Obama) who could take the last two weeks of August off?  

Frankly I'm embarrassed now that I imposed myself on my host (Pat) for the last half of the month of August.  Just WHAT was I thinking?  Oh I know, I was only thinking of myself (as usual).

I now make a public apology to Pat for imposing myself on his hospitality for that long a period of time.  

Of course Pat was the perfect host.  Never once did he let on that I started to stink up his immaculate hostel after three days but I know now that I did.  

Every day Pat had an activity for us.  Every day he showed me something new around the wonderful city of Toronto.  Every day he was his usual affable self, never once giving hint of "When is HE ever going to leave?"  

Now that I am home and can look back on my 16 day stay in Toronto from this perspective, I have to say I am embarrassed and mortified that I took such liberties with my host.

Thank you Pat for being such a wonderful host.  Thank you for your kindness and patience with me during my stay at your lovely home.  


pat888 said...

Ron - don't be silly - it was after the 4th day. LOL Listen - you did not (repeat) did not over do it or however you want to put it. You are a delightful guest. And I think we were pretty good company for each other as we both enjoyed doing the same things. Not the touristy stuff - just neighbourhoods, and fun things like bowling some movies - and of course the Canadian National Exhibition - which was a lot of fun with Dr. Spo and Someone. And it's pretty amazing how everything went considering I basically live in a one room house. Hey lets do it again!


Ur-spo said...

I was going to say - if Pat has even a smidgeon of regret then I'm an unwed mother.

Ron said...

I was hoping you would say that! I so thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Toronto and with you. You are the perfect host without qualification. And what a wonderful time of the year to visit Toronto and you . . . at the end of the summer and during the same time as Dr. Spo and Someone, and the Canada Exhibition and India Town festival. And the weather could not have been more accommodating. I hope we can make this an annual event. Yes, lets do it again! :)

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Seeing you and Someone again was the icing on the cake for my visit. Let's definitely do it again next year and this time we'll go to Zippers together and shake our booties. We're never too old for that.

Sunshine said...

What a wonderful public apology. Guests do tend to be like fish after three days. The exception was my best friend from high school who stayed at the end of August. I had set the 3-day rule with everyone but she did not realize she was an exception. I would have liked to spend more time together.

Ron said...

I would like to think I am the exception too.