Monday, September 08, 2014


Bee hives - not the kind of hives I have

A couple of days ago I awoke at night, scratching the inside of my right shin.  The more I scratched, the more it itched.  

Upon wakening the next morning I looked and saw about two dozen red bumps on my skin.  "What now?" I thought.

I put some of Bill's Gold Bond lotion on the bumps to reduce the itching.  The red bumps went down.

The next day I noticed more red bumps on the insides of my thighs.  WTF?  

Now I was starting to get worried.  I'm a regular visitor to my dermatologist but what was this new condition?  Shingles?  I hope not.  The red bumps weren't painful but they do itch.

So I did a little Internet research.  I find that what I have is "hives."  An allergic reaction to . . . . something.  I think I know that the "something" is.  I think it is my homegrown cherry tomatoes that I grew out of my compost pile.  I didn't have this problem before I ate those tomatoes and now I have the problem.  At least I hep that is the problem. I don't need to be visiting my dermatologist again.

I put more Gold Bond lotion on the newly affected areas and promptly added a new reason to feel sorry for myself.  Am I falling apart or what?  

One thing's for sure, no more of those frigging tomatoes.  Let them rot on the plant for all I care.  

Last night while I was trying to sleep I kept waking up, wanting to scratch the affected areas but I didn't.  I knew if I did I would only prolong the discomfort and healing. 

The good news is that the hives seem to be receding.  It's always something folks.  Oh for the days when I was in perfect health and didn't have to encounter these medical maladies. My spent youth.


Bob said...

Having had shingles--on my face no less--I'm glad it was "just" hives for you!

Jon said...

Hives sound a lot like chiggers. I didn't know what the hell chiggers were until I came to Texas. Anyway, I hope you're hive-free very soon.

Karen said...

Ron - I get hives just from the heat! It's awful!

Ron said...

Every time something bad happens to me I always think "It could be worse." Shingles on my face? Yep, that's way worse. I'm glad these are just hives too.

Ron said...

I initially thought I got this condition from the heat having gone from two weeks of mild weather to the heat and humidity that is late summer in the Delmarva peninsula.

Ron said...


My brothers used to get chiggers. Maybe I got this from the tomato plants themselves which are from the nightshade family which is the same plant family as poison ivy.

Geo. said...

Ron, I don't want to be an alarmist, nor will I recount the experience that prompts my question, but have you considered newly-hatched fleas? They are ravenous and attack softer skin areas. Don't rule them out, especially if you've been even in the cleanest houses with pets.

wcs said...

No fun at all. Glad it's getting better.

Ron said...


Yet another new experience for me Walt. Never had this happen before. Thankfully, it is getting better.


Ron said...

Nope, I don't have fleas George. Nor bedbugs, which is what Pat suggested. I'm pretty my condition was an allergic reaction to eating those tomatoes. Now that I've stopped eating them, my condition is much improved. No more cherry tomatoes!

Ur-spo said...

nasty hives. Most folks can figure out what causes them, but a lot mistakes the real culprit. I would hate to think you have to give up homegrown toms if they are not the cause. Good luck sorting this one out.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I thought my hives were the result of those dastardly home grown tomatoes but apparently not. I still have the hives even though I haven't eaten any of the tomatoes for over a week now. I'm suspecting stress might be the cause.