Sunday, September 28, 2014

Musings on a Fall Sunday

Jack, the Cajun and me in happier times - 2009 - doesn't the Cajun look fabulous?

No particular subject on today's posting.  Just some random thoughts carousing through my head.

My friend Bob's memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, October 25th at 11 AM at the Metropolitan Community Church on Route One, halfway between Lewes and Rehoboth.  I don't know if I'm going.  I feel that will be one of those "church members only" thing and I will feel like an interloper.  Oh, I can go but I would have preferred his memorial service be in a more neutral setting. I've been to that church before and I'm familiar with most of the small congregation who attend.  With a few exceptions (Tim and Miles and maybe Terry), I've never felt welcomed there.  Regardless of what anyone says or wants to believe, I never have.  I don't Believe, maybe that was part of the problem.  Also, the membership is mainly lesbian and the gals keep to themselves as lesbians tend to do.  I've tried to befriend them but without success.  Plus I don't like being hit on when I'm at a church service, and that has happened to me all to often. Nothing like being introduced to someone and knowing they're sizing you up for a potential hookup because they're looking you up and down and settling on the crotch instead of making eye contact.  One thing that really turns me off about some gay guys, always on The Hunt.  Oh well, you can see I'm wandering down into negative territory so I'll do a U-turn here.  I'll see how I feel at the end of next month. 

Me and Bob with our new Army vet hats -  April 19, 2010

The past couple days I've been worried about my computer's backup system getting stuck on "Verifying backup."  I have an iMac (Apple) computer and have been very pleased with it but I was worried that I was putting my large (80,000 plus) iPhoto library at risk.  After several calls to Apple support I can now relax.  I've been assured that as long as my Time Capsule is backing up, it's working.  That part is working.  Thank goodness.  I would hate to lose my photos.  Of course I often think, what's going to happen when I die.  They're gone baby, gone.  So maybe I shouldn't worry.

Another beautiful day here in Lower Slower, aka Sussex Country Delaware.  I've gotten back into my walking mode the past few days.  The best exercise ever, walking.  Gets the blood flowing, not only in my body but my brain cells. Sometimes when I watch the news I get depressed and overwhelmed by all the stupidity and cruelty that seems to dominate the news.  I just have to get away from it and concentrate on the good stuff. So what did I watch last night on my Netflix rental?  "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest", the third part of the trilogy of the the girl with the dragon tattoo (Swedish version, which is the best).  Watching that movie will lift your spirits.  Uh huh, sarcasm here.  But it is refreshing to see a gal kick ass and to also watch a movie that doesn't have the usual predictable Hollywood script tricks and the pretty boy and beautiful women actresses in the lead.  In the Swedish film version, the main actors look like regular people.  I guess Brad Pitt and Scarlet Johansson weren't available.

The day I found out that Bob had died Bill and I visited the place where Bob and Jim used to live before they moved into assisted living a few years ago. Below are two of the last pictures I have of Bob and Jim at there double-wide in the woods (22 acres) outside Georgetown. 

Me Bob and Jim in happier times - 2012

Bob and Jim's home now, overgrown and neglected.  So sad.

I called two of his good friends yesterday (Howard and Tommy) and informed them of Bob's memorial service.  Tommy lives in Philadelphia and doesn't drive and Howard may have to work that day.  Tommy and Howard were two of Bob's best friends ever.  Many a good times we all had, never to be forgotten.

Howard and Tommy at one of Big Bob's birthday parties at "The Ranch" (the double-wide) - 1980
Tommy, Howard and me - March 12, 2011 - their last visit with Bob and Jim

( Bob, Jim, Bart, Tommy, Howard and me - March 12, 2011 

We all used to eat breakfast together every Saturday morning.  Bob, Jim, Bart, Tommy, Howard, me and whoever else wanted to attend.  We had a good thing going for many years.  Then it dropped off.  Now days we're all flying solo.  However, yesterday Bill and I visited Bart (the man in black to the left).  The irony here is that many years ago (1980) Bob and Jim urged their friend older friend Bart to move to Delaware where they would take care of him as he got older.  Bart is 92 years old now.  Still living alone and doing fine, or as well as a 92 year old man can.  He doesn't drive at night and needs a cane but his mind is fine.  You know the saying "The best laid plans of men and mice" or something like that?  You just never know.

Bill (86) with Bart (92) yesterday.  I'm the "youngster" (72).  Guess who will probably go first?


Jack said...

Great post. It seems as if you're already having Bob's memorial service, the celebration of his life on your blog. Although I encouraged you to attend the "real" service, I'll take that back, as I stated above, you're already celebrating, that's what it's all about.
I back up my computer with Carbonite. It works for me and the cost is minimal per year considering the possible loss of important pics and other data that is lost when the computer crashes. It has happened to me once.
I especially like the picture of Bart and Bill but as usual, the picture of you and Bart caught Bart with his finger almost up his nose. Were he a few years younger he would have made it. No offence to Bart but age will rob you of your reaction time, the effort says it all it is evident what his intentions were.
Have a wonderful Sunday and rest of the week.

Ron said...

Actually, I am having Bob's memorial service right here on my blog. Just another feature of blogging that I love. I've already heard (via comments) from two of Bob's old friends who have since moved away from Delaware. I plan to do a few more blog posts about Bob, including reliving some of our more outrageous adventures (and I have plenty).
I used to have Carbonite but it slowed down my computer so much I had to cancel it. It was using up almost half my RAM. I had put in several calls to Apple because of how slow my computer was responding. They figured out that "something was running in the background - Carbonite - that was using half of my computer's memory. After I cancelled it, my computer was back to normal again. Also, after I got off of Carbonite I did some checking and found that some users of Carbonite had a difficult time retrieving their files when they did have a problem. It took so long to get them. I know it took almost two weeks for me to initially back up to Carbonite which I thought was ridiculous.
Bart sticking his finger up his nose when I take a picture of him is a joke he's been playing on me for the past thirty or so years. I took a "normal" picture of him sans finger up his nose and it doesn't look right.