Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Random Thoughts

As usual, lots of "stuff" swirling through my noggin this summer Saturday morning.  Let's take them as they waft in and out of my mind.

I sent an e-mail yesterday to the local Democratic neighborhood coordinator informing him that I'm opting out of being my neighborhood volunteer.  Folks, I just don't have the energy to go looking for addresses and knocking on people's doors, bothering them with political "stuff."  Besides, I just don't have the time.  Working two days a week, taking care of Casa Tipton-Kelly, keeping up with my blog and friends, taking care of the backyard, and just resting.  I'm going to fall back on the "I'm an old man now and I get tired."  I tried folks but volunteering just isn't me.  

Less than a month to go until my first big trip in decades. August 15th my co-worker Monica will stop by at Casa Tipton-Kelly in the wee morning hours of 3:30 AM or 4:00 AM to take the two plus hour trip to Philly International Airport for me to catch the 7:29 AM big bird to

"Where's my carry on bag?"

Buffalo, New York.  Pat, my host from Toronto will pick me up in Buffalo.  Why Buffalo?  I save $498 in plane fare. I'm comfortable folks, I can pay my bills but I'm not rich.  Lots of very well off gay folks down here in Gayberry (from Washington D.C.) but I'm not one of them.  I worked for private (banks) industry, not the government.  My pension checks don't even come close to their inflation adjusted pension checks.  Yes, I'm ranting.  They're the only ones who can afford those overpriced Rehoboth la de day restaurants.

The Cultured Pearl, Rehoboth Beach, DE - out of my price range and besides…..Seafood….UGH!

I'm about as ready for this trip as I can be.  This week I will make a practice "stuff the luggage" drill. Pat's telling me I don't need to bring a lot of "stuff" with me.  Me thinks he is right but a lifetime habit of bringing most of my clothes closet with me on vacation is hard to break.  We.Will.See. I'm almost there Pat.

Bill's fine with me absent from the premises for two weeks.  Just between you and me I think this will be a "vacation" for him too…..from me.  I am high maintenance folks.  Even I know that.

Our local summer veggie and fruit stand is open.  This is the best time of year folks, fresh fruit and veggies!  I love it!  Corn on the cob, fresh zucchini and peaches that taste like real peaches, not those faux peaches that are for sole in Food Lion.

My local no name veggie market yesterday - all I know it's "the one on Route 16 outside Milton" - low overhead

I note with distress and frustration that many in this world continue to kill each other thinking this is the way to "solve" their problems.  Hamas in Gaza thinks lobbing a few missiles into Israel is going to get Israel to withdraw from Gaza.  Ain't happening Muslim extremists.

The Ukraine Russian backed rebels shoot down a civilian airline killing all 298 souls aboard and now their main objective is covering up their horrible mistake.  By the way, this country shouldn't be acting all holier than thou, remember when OUR Navy shot down an Iranian Airbus A300

The Navy ship that shot down the Iranian Airbus A300
Mistakes happen but when we do it, it's an "oops!" and promote the commander who ordered the kill

over the Persian Gulf on July 3, 1988 killing all 290 people aboard including 66 children?  Didn't hear too much about this incident did you?  Of course you didn't because it was the United States that made this horrible mistake this time and our all too often complicent news media succeeding in downplaying our trigger happy Navy.  In fact, the commander of the ship that shot down the Iranian Airbus got a promotion.  That's how we here in the U.S. handle mistakes, we promote and reward in order to coverup.  Oh now, we're no angels either.  Mistakes happen folks, own up to them.  Of course the Russians aren't going to own up to this mistake either.  That's the way of governments.  First they lie then they coverup.  Fact of life.  Always has been that way, always will.  All in the name of "national security." Just try to stay out of their way or else they'll destroy you. Again, all in the name of "national security."

What I will never understand to my dying day is why so many civilized people think the answer to any disagreement is violence?  The only answer I can think of is evil exists in this world.  

Man's favorite pastime? Killing each other?

I may have more than my share of shortcomings and deficiencies but one thing I am not is violent or evil.  I'm not religious but I do thank whoever or whatever made me the person that I am that I am not one of those people who think killing is the answer… anything.  Well, maybe a mosquito or a bothersome fly.  

You know folks, I can walk out my door now and get into my car and drive into Lewes.  What will I see?  All manner of people, walking around, shopping, eating and restaurants, enjoying the fine weather of this summer day and the company of other folks. Why can't all the world be like this?  I don't have an answer folks.  All I an think of is evil. The desire of one tribe to eliminate another tribe because they don't think like they do.  Evil.

So that's my Saturday morning rant folks.  It's been stewing for awhile ever since I heard that Malaysian airline was shot down causing the death of 298 innocent souls including 88 children and three babies.  This is the world we live in folks.  Some things never change.  Grab the happiness whenever and wherever you can because you never know when some testosterone ladened cretin with firepower will end your life because he (and it's almost always a "he") has decided you do not deserve to live any more.  Life is a roll of the dice folks. Enjoy it while you can.  I am.


Tony said...

I see "evil" as a very thin way of explaining cruelty. There are a lot of ingredients in the soup of human behavior! I once read that we make people suffer because we are suffering, and my experience in the world supports this. Perhaps that is why I chose to become a psychotherapist, because I work with people who are trying to stop the suffering before they suffer further or cause others to suffer. I love the work, as it even helps me to be more compassionate in the world. That, to me, is the "answer". I see the answer as a decision about how I want to respond to violence in the world, not what everyone else should be doing. I have little control over that, but can you imagine if everybody chose today to be more compassionate to themselves and others?? Almost instantly we would be closer to that world you imagine. So I continue to start with my own behavior and response when I am sad, angry, upset. As a gay man, I have been called "evil", as I am sure you have, but we know that to not be true. It is no less a lie with those who shot down that plane. It is a tragedy that we behave this way toward each other, but while that was happening, there were also people all over the world focused on loving each other. I always say, which one am I going to be today? Otherwise the grief will overcome me.

Amanda said...

The democratic party should pay you. They have as many billionaires in their party as republicans have in theirs. Congressmen, senators... don't work for free and they have unbelievable benefits. Let them go door to door and do that job themselves.
Apparently, we find out over and over again that a vast majority of humans are not civilized. Life goes on and we have to learn to not care about things that are way beyond our control. "Not my monkeys, not my circus". But I am still very sadden about the Malaysian plane. That was a horrible mistake and using "we are at war anyway" is a horrible excuse. Whomever shot that plane should confess. That would be the right thing to do.
Good post Ron!

Ur-spo said...

Love the veggies
Bring lots to Canada
Unless you are too old. :-)

Raybeard said...

What else can one say about the airliner? No words are adequate. Heartbreak mixed with enormous anger and head-in-hands despair is a feeble attempt at a summation.

Switching violently to your topic of ageing (and begging to be excused), I recently paid my annual visit to my sister, and while travelling there it occurred to me that I just can't cope any more with taking all the weight of bags I usually carry. I don't have one of those bags on wheels which 90% of people seem to have here nowadays, but have to carry one and sling another over my shoulder. But it's all become just too much for my senile self. I told big sis that in future I'm not going to bother with taking a change of clothes (I only go for four days anyway) but will confine myself just to changes of underwear and socks, plus (maybe) a couple of tee shirts. Can you relate to any of this? - though I suppose between home(s) and station you will have car travel, whereas I can only walk - at both ends.

Ron said...

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I have given the theory of "evil" much thought in my lifetime and I have to admit why people are evil still baffles me. I an so thankful that I am not that way. As much as I despised the dastardly deeds of those who perpetuated 9/11, I have no wish to see them tortured or killed. Only put away from society. I see no pleasure in seeing others suffer, no matter how much I dislike them. I only want them removed from society.
I believe you are right that there is more good in the world than evil, it's just that evil gets all the airplay because it is so out of the norm. And make no mistake about it, evil exists in the country (the good old "USA! USA! USA!") as much as it exists in any other country in the world, in equal parts. I truly believe that. The only reason that evil doesn't dominate as much here as in other parts of the world is that we have a system of laws in place and the will power of the citizens of this country (most of them anyway) to not permit evil to take over. I believe wholeheartedly that if the extreme wing of the Christian fundamentalists in this country should ever take over, gays like you and me would be in prison or worse. Absolutely. That's what they believe. They believe gay is evil whereas the irony it is they who are evil by their hate and willingness to destroy those who are different than they are. Fundamentalism has to be kept in check whether it be Christian or Muslim or any other religion or quasi religion.

Like you I do my bit by treating everyone with kindness and respect and those who don't deserve my respect of kindness, I put out of my life. At one time I thought I could change them by my example but now I know that is impossible. They are the way they are and nothing I do or say will ever changed them. They will go to their graves fill of hate and bile.

I agree with what you said at the end of your comment "I always say, which one am I going to be today? Other wise the tried will overcome me." Same here Tony, same here.


Ron said...

Thank you Nadege. I had to get that out of my system. I try to keep my "soapbox" posts to a minimum but sometimes events happen that I just cannot ignore without commenting.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I love the veggies too. I just wish we had more options here in Gayberry. Alas, it's fish all the time, any time and if it isn't fish then it's crab cakes. Ugh.

Ron said...

I still have the old fashion suitcase without wheels but last year I purchased my neighbors suitcase with wheels and I love it! Like you, I can't be lugging all that weight around (age you know). This trip to Canada I am planning on only take a week's worth of change of underwear and socks, some spiffy pullover jersey's (wash and wear without ironing) and three of my favorite seersucker (don't go there) shirts from L.L. Bean. Anything else I need I'll just buy in Toronto. My days of lugging extra "just in case" clothing are over.

Raybeard said...

Every single time I hear or see the word 'seersucker' I cannot help but think of the scene in 'Sophie's Choice' where the Meryl Streep character mistakenly uses a close-sounding word. I've only seen the film once, all of 32 years ago on its release, (far too harrowing to watch again), and yet that little snippet has stayed with me ALL the damn time since.