Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mailbox Down!

As Bill and I returned from an early Sunday morning run to Food Lion, I noticed our mailbox was on the ground.  Uh……somebody HIT our mailbox.

Well folks, we've lived in this neighborhood for almost seven years now.  Some of our other neighbors have had their mailboxes taken to the ground, but never us.  I think the main reason is how our lot is located, right at the bend of the road.  But this morning someone nailed it.  

Coincidently last week my friend Pat accidentally hit a truck with his bicycle when he encountered an errant trash can while traveling down the alley his lives in Toronto.  Pat hit his bike by the truck's mirror and left a few scratches.  Pat, being the fine fellow that he is, left a note accepting responsibility and stating that he would pay for any repairs.  Pat hasn't heard back (I'm pretty sure he will) from the owner of the truck but Pat did the right thing.

I saw no such note on or near the mailbox or anywhere.  As Bill and I were surveying the damage I saw a cluster of young folk two houses down looking up at us.  They looked guilty.  Bill did mention that they were having a party today.  He saw the balloons going in the house.  

A few minutes later a young man came up with one of my neighbor's daughters.  He said he accidentally hit our mailbox while swatting a bug in his truck.  He said "I am very sorry!  I will pay for any damage.  Here, let me give you my name!"

He was an earnest young man and I felt sorry for him but I was glad he was taking responsibility.  I told him "Don't worry about it.  We'll take care of it."  He insisted on giving us his name but I again told him that wasn't necessary.  I told him "Bill would fix it.  He's the mechanical one around here.  I do the flowers.  If I was here alone, I would take you up on your offer but Bill can fix this kind of thing.  Accidents happen.  Don't worry about it."

So folks, there you go, another episode of life in the big city a small development in coastal Delaware. 

It's always something isn't it?  Never a dull moment but you know folks, I actually feel good about this whole episode because the young man stood up and took responsibility.  That makes me feel good about humanity.  Especially after my post yesterday.  

"Where's Waldo?"

And oh, Bill just told me we got "turfed" too.  


Jon said...

Ron, you've rendered me speechless. It's almost inconceivable that anyone nowadays would actually admit they did the damage, and then offer to give their name and pay for the damages. That's really commendable. Perhaps I'm in shock because it never happened to me. I've had my mailbox deliberately bashed. I've had rocks thrown at my windows. When I first had the For Sale sign in front of my house the kids kept knocking it down. As fast as I put it back up, they'd knock it down again. I finally had to tie it with wire to my chainlink fence. Nothing is secure in Texas neighborhoods.

I'm having difficulty typing today because I had a cat in my lap. .....I said a CAT........not a cowboy......

Anonymous said...

At least he came clean about it. One of my friends once hit the neighbor's mailbox. He went over and said he'd fix it, then showed up the next morning with an entire crew of friends who replaced the post, reattached the mailbox, and painted it all with fresh white paint. The neighbor was amazed!

Peace <3

Jack said...


Nice to know that there are still some honest and responsible people in this world. I think that we have become more cynical in this day and age, expecting that people won't own up to their responsibilities and do the right thing. I've only had one instance that caused damage to one of my former cars. Someone backed into the rear and broke the red lens that ran across the whole trunk. I suspected (actually knew) who did the dastardly deed but could not prove it so I never confronted the individual. Like you I wouldn't have accepted the money, just owning the deed would have been enough. On the other hand I pulled out of a parking space in Lowes parking lot and a car backed out of another space and hit me on the rear quarter panel. There was negligible damage, just some dirt. The young man insisted upon paying something. I said no, he said yes and wouldn't leave until I gave him my phone number and address. A couple of days later a check for $150.00 came in the mail. I didn't cash the check, he called, insisted that I cash it for my trouble. I said no, he said do it. I did only because that was the only way I was going to get rid of him. I would like to think I paid it forward but I cannot remember. Long and short, we become responsible individuals because we are taught to be that way. Too bad there are less and less teachers in the world and less and less students. Vladimir I'm taking about you.


Raybeard said...

Will wonders never cease? (Sometime soon, probably.)

Geo. said...

Ron, that was a kind thing you did --rewarding honesty and conscience in the young man with understanding and grace. My compliments.

Ron said...

Thank you George. That young man did the right thing by accepting responsibility. Accidents happen. Just own up to them.

Ron said...

I have to admit, I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

Ron said...

What an inspiring story! I like the way you ended your comment, "Vladimir I'm talking to you." You know, if Putin would just admit they made a mistake and move on, I think most of the world would understand but by him taking the "It's not my fault! Someone else must have done it! It's the war's fault!" That attitude only succeeds in further alienating him from most of the rest of the civilized world and further contributes to the image of Russians being ignorant thugs. This was Putin's chance to prove he was different and he failed, big time. But at the same time I'm not letting the United States off the hook either. When our Navy accidentally shot down that Iranian Airbus, the Navy and our government reacted in much the same way blaming "the conflict" instead of themselves for making a horrendous mistake. In fact, our government gave the commander of that naval ship an award! But that's the way of those in power, deny first then reward themselves. That's how they stay in power. And no one party has a corner on virtue either. They're all alike.The Russians perhaps more brutal but still the same.

Ron said...

That would have been nice and perhaps the right thing to do. That's what we would do if we accidentally hit a neighbor's mailbox. Accidents happen, to anybody. However, I would probably have fainted if this kid and his friends offered to go to that extent. I didn't expect it and they didn't do it. At least he owned up to it.

Ron said...

You NEED a cowboy in your lap! :) Yes, I was very pleasantly surprised that someone actually owned up to knocking down our mailbox. I understand it was an accident. It would have been nice if they fixed it themselves but I guess that would be too much to ask. Then I really would have been surprised. I'm sorry you live in a part of the country that is so ignorant that you have to suffer through such vandalism. Unfortunately there are too many parts of the country like this. Ignorance reigns supreme in too many areas of this country.


Ur-spo said...

A good story, indeed.