Friday, May 16, 2014

Crashes and Gridlock in Delaware

Here's what happens when you don't yield the right of way

There are a lot of advantages to living in southern Delaware but there is one BIG disadvantage…..traffic in the summertime.

Thankfully no one was seriously injured when yon teenager pulled her Ford Explorer into the path of a Lexus - you get hit

We moved to Delaware in 2006.  I was very careful where I chose to build a house and live in my retirement.  I love Rehoboth Beach and the "cottage" feel of the town.  However I could neither afford the houses ($700,000 and up for a "cottage") or the lots.  Lewes is a cute town just up the road three miles from Rehoboth but I couldn't afford their prices either which fell into the same stratosphere.  

Air bags deployed - lady wasn't seriously hurt

I checked out the environs of the Rehoboth Beach area for several years.  While there are many nice communities with prices more in my range, I soon realized that in the summertime, when the hordes of tourists descend on Rehoboth that the traffic was not only gridlocked but dangerous.  Route One scares me.

Yon teenager took out the Cave Neck sign - she would make her yon teenager boyfriends proud

So, after much thought and consideration I chose a lot in a development ten miles north of Rehoboth Beach, on the east side of Route One. In retrospect my decision has turned out to be…..well let's say BRILLIANT. 

This is what stupid looks like and why teenagers have such car insurance - they think they're indestructible 

Just this week, as I rolled into work on Wednesday my bosses wife called him and told him that "traffic was backed up because there was an accident at Cave Neck Road."  Familiar words my friends, familiar words.  I left for work at 2:40 PM.  The accident happened at 3:15 PM.  A 16 year old girl who failed to yield the right of way (as so often happens on Cave Neck Road) and she got smashed.  Thankfully she wasn't seriously hurt, there have been people killed at that crossing, but maybe she learned a lesson.  YIELD THE RIGHT OF WAY DUMB ASS.  

Not an unusual scene where Cave Neck Road empties into Route One - thankfully no deaths this time

Cave Neck Road is just about a mile down the road from where I turn out of our development on my way to work.  I always stay in the left lane because three miles down the road I have to make another left to go into Lewes.  Bill (of course) drives in the right lane (always the opposite of what I do) and has to quickly get in the left lane when one of these dumb assed aggressive drivers doesn't yield the right of way coming out Cave Neck Road.  Sometimes people turning into Cave Neck just scoot across which is apparently what this 16 year old did.  

So I just missed this one folks.  Then this afternoon, after my nap I decide to take a ride to Sandy Hill Nursery.  On the way back, cruising down Route One all of a sudden the traffic slows down…..then comes to a ………STOP.  Yep, another accident.  And here we are folks, late Friday afternoon, and the Horde is descending on Rehoboth Beach and points beyond (Dewey Beach, Ocean City, Maryland) for a weekend of fun and frivolity and obviously someone else has taken their aggressive driving a bit too far.  I just hope no one was injured this time also.  

Fun at the beach folks.  This is why when The Season begins, most of us locals stay as far away from Rehoboth and off of Route One, because the Crazies are out.  

Safe driving folks, safe driving!


Jon said...

Wow, that accident is definitely very sobering. When I was young (or younger) and lived in Los Angeles, I never thought twice about piloting the insane freeways. It was a way of life.

Now that I'm old (or, rather, older) and live in Texas I'm usually terrified to drive. The drivers are extremely aggressive and I'm not half as brave as I used to be.

anne marie in philly said...

holy shit! yeah, lucky someone wasn't killed. the yon teenager's insurance is going to SKYROCKET over this.

Nadege said...

That traffic looks like a regular day in our SoCal commutes. That Lexus is better built that the other car but I hope the young teenage girl is OK.

Anonymous said...

Around here, you'd think we live in "Demolition Derbyville" given every morning's and every evening's traffic reports, and what I see along the way. I-95 is a deathtrap for one and all. I HATE DRIVING! I want a helicopter!

Peace <3

Geo. said...

Delightful tour, Ron. But confess I participated in a 2 hour+ traffic jam just a week ago coming away from San Francisco where we visited some of the kids. No accidents, just left town at the wrong time --4 p.m. It sure helps to have conversation in the car. And it lets the driver (me) see pretty country. Your house, even though barely visible from the road, was doubtless envied by many motorists.

Bob Slatten said...

Scary stuff.
Makes me wonder if cell phones and texting were involved.

pat888 said...

Ron - love the calming mellifluous tone of your voice. Also enjoyed the tour. Congrats on your good choice. My present place is a little like yours in that it's on a non thru section of a residential street. So there's no traffic. I don't have to go to far, however, to run into congestion. I now lean more into your quiet manner of living as opposed to the hustle bustle of the city. Keep the videos coming - love 'em.


Ron said...

I find myself the same way as I've gotten older. I used to take on I-95 almost every weekend when I visited my friend Bob M. in Delaware when I lived in Pennsylvania. Now I avoid I-95 like the plague. In fact, Route One is starting to freak me out. Like you, I find the drivers extremely aggressive and I'm not near as brave as I used to be. I look for the back roads or alternative places to shop now.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Of course her parents are probably paying her insurance. Where do you think she got that big SUV? She surely didn't pay for it herself. Well, she got a good lesson. She was lucky she wasn't seriously hurt or caused injury to someone else.

Ron said...

The teenage girl only had minor injuries. She was very lucky. She's learned a valuable lesson, or at least I hope she's learned a lesson.

Ron said...


We have the same I-95 up here. You can go 75 mph and everyone is passing you…….ON BOTH SIDES! And here I thought the speed limit was 65 mph. I avoid I-95. I think even the cops avoid it. I never heard of anyone being stopped for speeding.

Ron said...

Thank you George. One of my impromptu "tours." Before I moved to Delaware I used to see houses like mine from the road. I always envied them. Now I am one!

Ron said...

I think in this case she just made a dash across the road and timed it wrong. I live on the "wrong" side of the road too. Sometimes I have to make a dash too. I just hope my car doesn't stall.

Ron said...

Thank you again for your generous compliments. All accepted! I do like the quiet life now. The older I get the quieter I like my "lifestyle."

Ur-spo said...

scary traffic, indeed

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Route One is scary, especially in the summer when the visitors arrive. Too much aggressive driving. There used to be a sign as you entered Rehoboth Beach that said "Relax, you're at the beach now." Alas, I haven't seen it in years, one of those aggressive drivers must of crashed into it.