Saturday, May 31, 2014

Philadelphia Rooftops

Me and Bill on our Philadelphia roof deck - 1972

Found some more old photos folks that you haven't seen before.  I'm sure regular followers of this blog are tired of me reposting the same old photos of me (and Bill) of long ago.  Well folks, as  I said in a previous blog posting, I found a whole new treasure trove of old photos which I will be subjecting you all too.  

These two photos were taken on the rooftop of our 16 ft by 50 ft (including a small backyard) townhouse at 2409 Naudain Street, in center city Philadelphia.  They were taken in September 1972 (42 years ago!) with a self-timer camera.  Of course the subjects in the photos are yours truly (in some God awful red striped shorts) and my Bill.  At this juncture we were together a grand total of seven years.  

Bill built that roof deck for me so I could work on my tan.  I didn't get out of the city that often and when I did it was only to visit my parents in Downingtown, a suburb thirty-seven miles west of Philadelphia.  And of course I didn't and couldn't "work on my tan" when visiting Mom and Pop in Downingtown.

I look at these pictures and think "Wow, a lot of water sure has flowed over the dam since these photos were taken."

Check out that Philadelphia skyline folks.  That's a million dollar view.  And yep, we had it…..made.
I wonder what happened to those pants


Jack said...

Don't you ever wonder, where did the time go? Aren't you glad that the fashions over time have changed for the better? Because I look as some of the clothes I wore in the seventies and say now, what were you thinking? Even back then, shorts of red and white stripes and matching red knee length socks were probably a "what were you thinking" ensemble. I recently came across that picture of me and was so horrified that I actually shredded the picture without scanning it, something I don't usually do. Horrible thing about all of that is I remember the whole outfit and I wore it more than once. Sends shivers up my spine. You on the other hand, wore the outlandish (the shorts really aren't that bad) shorts with style with minimum accessories, just a hint of (basket, box or whatever we called it back then) and tanned skin. Both you and Bill were quite the lookers back in the day and have managed to maintain the look as you age gracefully.
Yes you had a million dollar view back in '72 but now you also have a million dollar view and can have a lot of fun maintaining said view.
Always enjoy the old pics.

anne marie in philly said...

hope you burned those pants; sweet mother of pearl!

Raybeard said...

Is Bill still a nail-biter?

Bob said...

Those pants are now the tent for a travelling flea circus.
I think.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Those pants are LONG GONE! What in the world was I thinking? Well, it was the 70's.

Ron said...

At the time I bought those shorts, I thought they are about the coolest thing I could have. Apparently I was a little too caught up in the 70's style.

Ron said...

Bill doesn't bite his nails (nor do I). I think he just had his hand near his face. He never did like his picture taken though.

Ron said...

So glad you like the old photos. I'm thrilled I found this whole new cache which I will post. Initially I was hesitant to post the photos for fear that I would bore some of my readers but I dismissed that concern. I won't be around another forty years so I'll post this "historical" pictures for posterity. This is my "legacy." God knows I have plenty of photos to post of the history books. I'm sure that some folks will appreciate me posting these pictures long after I'm gone. I know with an almost certainty that all of my photos will be destroyed or tossed out with the trash once I'm gone. No one in my family cares for mementos like old photos. Maybe someone out there in the blogosphere will.

Ur-spo said...

Indeed those pants! Love them!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I thought they were quite hot at the time. But then it was the 70's. No accounting for taste. You should have seen my bell bottoms. Quite the fashionista I was. However, I never did adapt the helmet look hairdo with hair half over my ear and God forbid, long hair. I always had a conservative haircut, much easier now that I have less follicles.

David Jeffreys said...

That last picture without the sunglasses is the first picture I've seen in which you "look gay." Something about the stance and head position.

What is the building in the background that appears to be under construction?