Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wanted by Everyone!

Helen, GA - 2013

My latest old time photo folks.  This one was taken last month at Helen, Georgia during our annual Trip South.

Bill and I had almost perfect weather during our trip.  Just a little bit of light rain on this day that I ventured into the tourist town of Helen, Georgia to see what was up.  

Bill videotaping in downtown Helen, Georgia (we were up very early thus no tourists on the streets yet)

Helen, Georgia is a little recreated German Alpine community in the mountains of northern Georgia. It is a little touristy town.  Bill and I were just going to pass through it but we enjoyed our overnight stay so much that we decided to stay two more days.  

Helen, Georgia

We stayed at the Hampton Inn which was a replica of a Bavarian hotel.  Hotel wasn't too clean and had paper thin walls and a terrible breakfast (sour waffles, maybe it was a "German" thing) but we could walk to all the attractions instead of dodging Interstate Highway traffic to figure out where we were going to eat.

On this one rainy afternoon I found an old time photo place so you know I JUST had to take advantage and have my photo taken as a bad old cowboy.

The first time I ever had an old time photo taken was during my first trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts in 1974.  I remember the year well because the Watergate hearings were underway.

Commercial Street - Provincetown, Mass 1974

I was on that trip with my good friend Bob Mc.  Walking down Commercial Street in Provincetown I noticed an old time photo shop.  Sure, these places are overpriced tourist traps but still, I like them.  Here is the photo that was taken. Ironically, the only prop I needed was the gun.  The hat, shirt and leather vest I was already wearing.  Bob and I had planned our first visit to Provincetown to a place called "The Ranch" (which, by the way, was anything but).  So this was my first old time photo.

Provincetown, Mass - 1974

I didn't get another old time photo made until three years ago when I invited my friend Larry down for his birthday and had our old time photo taken.  Now I get one every year.  

Rehoboth Beach - 2011


Nadege said...

Reading your blog and looking at the pictures is always a breath of fresh air.
(No time to be on the computer much yesterday but just read now about your upcoming wedding. How exciting! I wrote down July 3rd in my agenda).

Larry Meredith said...


Helen reminds me of Vail, Colorado. I was out early taking photos of empty streets too.


Harper's Keeper said...

Tell the truth. You carry that cowboy outfit around in the trunk of your car; dont' you?

anne marie in philly said...

"wanted by everyone" - of course you are! :)

nice photo, ron!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool mix of old and new. I enjoyed this post!
Peace <3

Ron said...

Harper's Keeper,

Actually I carry a couple of cowboy outfits around in my car......just in case. :)


Ron said...

Thanks Jay. I like dong juxtapositions of photos.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Well, not "everyone." Some people don't like me. Too bad.


Ron said...


You and Lois would like Helen. As I said, Bill and I decided to stay in Helen after one pleasant day. We wanted to extend the pleasure. Just saying.


Ron said...


Thank you again for you always kind comments. For folks like you is why I blog.


Ur-spo said...

I hope you get frequent flier miles or something at the photo gallery !

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I'm making up for lost time at the old time photo gallery. For so many years I wanted to get an old time photo a year but never got around to it. The next thing I knew 30 and even 40 years had passed. As a matter of fact, the first old time photo I had done was 40 years ago this summer.
My life is almost over.