Friday, May 31, 2013

"How Well Do You Know Ron" - And the Winner is:

Me, being presented with the winnings of a 50-50 drawing at the Veterans Day Dinner in Millsboro, DE - 2005
This photo actually appeared in local newspaper! ($242 was my winnings)

All right, time is up folks!  I thank the Usual Suspects took the time to answer my little fun quiz about myself.  You all are my blogger base and I appreciate all of you and the time you took (and consideration) to venture your opinions about what makes me tick. I have highlighted my answers in blue.

  • Which Good Samaritan activity would I volunteer for?
    • Soup kitchen
    • Habitat for Humanity house building
    • Roadside litter pickup crew
    • Big brother to a fatherless little boy
  • What stupid daredevil stunt (that I haven't done already) would I do if given the opportunity?
    • Bungee jump
    • Ride white water rapids
    • Sky dive
    • Hot air balloon ride
  • What physical attributes are my type in a man that immediately catches my eye and makes me weak in the knees?
    • Medium height (5'10"), slim (140-170), dark hair, BEARDED, great butt, kind, masculine and intelligent
    • Short (5'4" to 5'7"), blonde, freckled, smooth shaved, no visible hair on body, smart ass
    • Nerd - any height, any weight (think Bill Gates and/or Mark Zuckerberg, bangs mandatory) 
    • Red-neck, bearded, skinny, missing a few teeth, dumb ass who drives a pick-up truck
  • My favorite snack is:
    • Doritos Blazing Chips
    • Orville Reddenbacher's Gourmet White Popcorn
    • Pumpkin Seeds
    • Zero candy bars
  • I had fifteen uncles.  How many of them were gay?
    • None
    • Three
    • Five
    • One
  • Which was my very first paying job?
    • Five years old - ran errands to the local corner grocery store for relatives
    • Ten years old - paperboy
    • Nine years old - mowing grass for neighbors
    • Fourteen years old - work in a meat market (real one, get your mind out of the gutter) on the weekends
  • Which was my very first date with a member of the opposite sex?
    • High school dance with my classmate Bonnie (and girl hockey player) who, at our 35th class reunion told me she was gay. No wonder there was no urge to "explore" on our first date
    • Drive-In movie double date with my friend Larry (he drove).  Vivian and I sat in the back immersed in our.......popcorn.
    • Carnival date with my neighbor and fellow classmate Mary Jane.  Her parents tried several subsequent efforts to "match" us.  Little did they know it was hopeless
    • Sunnybrook Ballroom double date with my friend Larry (again).  The Glenn Miller Orchestra (led by Ray McKinley) was playing.  I'm not sure who my date was but she took the picture of me, Lar and his date. Says something that I remember the band but not the date.
  • My astrological sign is:
    • Aires
    • Gemini
    • Taurus
    • Scorpio
  • My basic personality is:
    • Passive-Aggressive
    • Passive
    • Aggressive
    • Introvert - afraid of my own shadow
  • Occupation that I told my teachers I "wanted to be when I grew up" (which, technically really hasn't happened yet):
    • Fireman
    • Policeman
    • Fashion Designer
    • Welder
  • Food (entree) that I hated (gagged me) when I was a little kid (and I had them all):
    • Stuffed cabbage
    • Macaroni and cheese
    • Squirrel stew with dumplings
    • Fried fish eggs 
  • My natural born talent ( I do all well but one I can do unconscious):
    • Writing
    • Green thumb
    • Organizing
    • Cooking
  • The first time I ate at a real restaurant and not a diner (I've eaten in many a diner)(these are all restaurants that I have eaten at):
    • The Pub Restaurant, center city Philadelphia when I began working at Girard Bank - 1965
    • The unnamed Washington DC gay bar/restaurant that Bill took me too - 1965
    • Da Vinci's Italian Restaurant 17th and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA that Bill took me too - 1965
    • Another unnamed restaurant in Toronto, Canada that Bill took me too - 1965
  • Which award did I NOT win?
    • Best Typist in my high school graduating class - 1959
    • Soldier of the Month, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland - 1962
    • Hilton Hotels President's Award for Best Guest Service Representative - 2000
    • Most Improved Shop Student (high school) - 1958
  • Which is a standard American idiom phrase that I DO NOT USE?
    • "I wouldn't know."
    • "Really?"
    • "Sez who?"
    • "How about that?"
  • The age that I knew I was "different" (gay):
    • Twelve
    • Fifteen
    • Eighteen
    • Four
  • Favorite fruit:
    • Apple
    • Banana
    • Peach
    • Tom Cruise
  • My first homoerotic movie star crush:
    • Farley Granger
    • Buster Crabbe (Flash Gordon)
    • Kirk Alyn (Superman - movie serials)
    • Guy Madison (Will Bill Hickok)
  • The only movie actress that made me question (however momentarily) my sexuality:
    • Joan Bennett
    • Hedy Lamarr
    • June Alyson
    • Gloria DeHaven
  • The comedian I never "got":
    • Lenny Bruce
    • W. C. Fields
    • Charlie Chaplin
    • George Carlin
  • Favorite subject in school:
    • History
    • Math
    • English
    • Science
  • Favorite household chore:
    • Vacuuming
    • Dusting
    • Ironing
    • Painting
  • What trip would I like to take before I die?
    • Visit Australia and New Zealand and pick up that accent
    • Road trip through British Isles and take a million pictures
    • Visit Spain and see bullfights
    • Visit Rio De Janeiro and learn Portugese
  • Second favorite place to retire:
    • San Francisco, California
    • Seattle, Washington
    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    • Asheville, North Carolina
  • Best thing about getting old:
    • Have enough money
    • Wisdom and knowledge accumulated
    • Don't have to work every day
    • Things that I used to think were important, aren't anymore
And the winner is (TA TA!):

Slugmamma - 16

The following loyal "Retired in Delaware" blog followers came in close:

Slugmamma doesn't want the first prize which is a stunning photo of me nude on the beach at Herring Cove, Provincetown, Mass taken back "in the day."  Good choice to forgo that "prize" Slug. But you do have my undying admiration for knowing me so well.  Thank you!

So here are some further explanations why some of the picks were wrong:

My "type" is a "medium, etc" but for some reason that skinny, missing teeth, wise ass redneck in a pickup truck always gets my attention both at the "top" (head) and "bottom" (easy to figure out).  I wish it wasn't so but it is.  I should be ashamed (Bill's calls them my "trash picks") but there it is.  Hormones folks, hormones.

I don't volunteer for anything except roadside pickup crews.  I've done it and I love it.  I'll leave the other volunteering up to others.  All good work.

Housesitting - 2005

One comedian I never "got" was Charlie Chaplin.  I always felt like he was being force fed down my throat with "He IS funny!"  No he's not.  In fact, every time I've seen him and that stupid strut, I get angry.  To be he "comedy" was one of the biggest scams ever perpetuated on the American and world.  My favorite all time comedian is and always will be W.C. Fields.  Now there was a master.

Favorite household chore?  I HATE painting.  HATE IT!  However, I love ironing.  Can't explain why, but ironing two dozen shirts is very soothing and zen like for me.  Vacuuming is all right but my back can't take too much of that activity these days.

My first homoerotic movie star crush?  I am embarrassed to admit it was that big queen Farley Granger.  Oh I remember the first time I saw him in a movie with Shelley Winters.  I think I was about ten years old.  I saw those lips and deep brown liquid eyes and fell in lust swoon immediately.  Then years later I saw him on a soap opera and realized he was nothing but a New York phony baloney queen.  Then he comes out with a "biography" which he blurs the line of his sexuality.  Oh give me a break.  And to think this man once took my breath away. Oh Ron, so young and so foolish.

Yep!  I was four years old when I knew I was "different".  Of course I didn't know what "gay" was at that time (1946) but I DID know I was "different."  I knew my age because it was before I started first grade at five years old.  And I've been "different" ever since.  I've never had any self doubts about my sexuality, unlike a lot of bloggers I see on the Internet who just "realized" they are gay after getting married and having a family.  How does that happen? No snark here, just stating a fact and my disbelief.

My friend Ed - also gay since birth

Everybody got the right answer on the one award I didn't get.  Want to know something folks? That is the one award I wanted so bad.  Of course I was a terrible shop student but I worked so hard to improve and I did.  When the time came to announce the winner at the high school assembly I was sure I would win. I can still feel the pang of intense disappointment when someone else's name was called out.  What made it even worse was that the person whose name was called out was an all right shop student both years!  That was the first time in my life that I realized that sometimes people win awards based on popularity and who they knew.  This kid was very popular, I wasn't.  His parents were on the school board, mine weren't.  Yep, this was my first experience with "Life isn't always fair."  However, I made up for it later in my life awards weren't based on popularity but results of hard work.  

Food that made me gag?  Oh my God!  Stuffed cabbage.  Funny thing, now I like it.  But oh how I hated it when I was growing up and my Mom used to force me to eat that garbage and that's just what it smelled like when she cooked it in her pressure cooker, Cook Garbage.  Apparently it was my Mom's recipe I didn't like because I've made stuffed cabbage when I got my own home and I like it.  Squirrel stew with dumplings?  Actually it wasn't bad except for the buckshot.  Don't want to crack a tooth biting down on one of those pellets.

What did I want to be when I grew up?  Oh yes, a fashion designer.  Of course everyone discouraged me but how I wanted to be the next Adrian who designed movie star gowns. I had my plans to go to art school after I graduated but those plans when to Hell in a hand basket after I joined the Army and my life took a whole different route.

Well, I've gone on a long time in this posting so I will wrap it up with the answer to the last question.  "Best thing about getting old?"  Folks, nothing bothers me any more, nothing.  I wish I could say I could get worked up over the usual subjects but I just can't.  Maybe it has to do with my prostate cancer diagnosis or maybe it has to do with knowing that I don't have decades of life left to me.  All I know is that I feel a rather pleasant sense of freedom knowing that I just don't care.  Not that I DON'T CARE, but you understand what I'm saying.  Someone doesn't like me or slights me?  So what?  I really can't get up the energy to get upset.  Even the issues of the day like politics.  I used to really get worked up over the constant negativity.  I DON'T CARE.  Probably a terrible thing to say, but I JUST DON'T CARE.

That's not to say I don't care about anything. I care about having enough money to stay in my home and continue to enjoy my reasonably comfortable life.  I care enough to continue to have friends both personal and on the Internet.  I care enough to want my good health to continue.  But you know what?  If I lost a friend tomorrow, so what?  If my health goes tomorrow, so what?  I've lived a long and good life and have a lot to be thankful for.  Now if I lose the security of my home and way of living, now that's another whole subject.  Maybe I do care about some things.  I care about friends who want to be friends with me.

Me with my friend Renee - FFB - 2005

Well, as Pork Pig used to say at the end of all those Warner Brother's cartoons:

"That's All Folks!"  


Roger said...

lmao.. for some reason my ipad dosent allow me to comment so I have to wait till I get to an IE computer. But do enjoy you everyday. Always a Chuckle, Always a Smile

anne marie in philly said...

bill is correct - trash picks! you deserve better than a redneck.

you feel the same way about charlie chaplin as I do about jerry lewis. w.c.fields - a philadelphian! :)

since you had paper dolls as a kid, I figured you would want to be a fashion designer.

have a nice weekend!

Jon said...

Ironically, I almost chose Charlie Chaplin as the comedian that you "didn't get", simply because I never thought he was funny, either! Chaplin is definitely over-rated.

Many people don't like W.C. Fields, however, so I took a chance on that. I love Fields and his wry, dry humor. He really won my heart when I learned that he genuiely hated children and dogs.....

Jeff in Chicago said...

Ahhhh... Hedy Lamarr. The house that was used as the Von Trapp family home in "The Sound of Music" was actually owned by that actress. Having seen photos of your homes, I think you made the right choice with Bill instead of Hedy!

Randy in NEB said...

Ron, I guess I missed out on participating on your lastest quiz. I read through it and guessed most of them correct.Could I make some coments anyway? So you're passive-agressive? Aren't most gay men? I can tell most people I don't care for them with a smile from 20 paces away. Your favorite fruit? Tom Cruise? Bwhaaaaaa!You like the redneck type? well I do have some teeth missing and I did drive a pick-up. And like you said, once I find a good friend I like to keep them. I think the best way to make a friend is be a friend. By the way cool old Corvair! Do you remember what year it was? May- be 63 or 64 model? You know how to make me smile. Randy.

nitewrit said...


Didn't enter your little contest because I though it might be unfair. I did get 5 wrong. I didn't know what was your first restaurant. Favorite fruit, I had no idea. I picked Buster Crabb as Flash Gorden as you first crush, probably because we were talking about him not too long ago. I had no idea what your favorite household chore was either. I thought maybe Lenny Bruce was the comedian you didn't get. I got him, but considered him a fool and a bigot.


Ron said...


First time I saw Hedy Lamarr in a movie ("Algiers") I was stunned. For about a second and a half I thought I wasn't gay. However, that "feeling" soon left but I was still in awe of her ethereal beauty. I always felt a connection to her. Then imagine my surprise when I found out many years later that we shared the same birthday, November 9th. I was born in 1941, at the height of her beauty and popularity. Hedy has always fascinated me.

By the way, I DID NOT KNOW that the Von Trapp family home in "The Sound of Music" was actually owned by her! Wow. Thanks for that information.


Ron said...


From a little kid I heard that Charlie Chaplin was a GREAT COMEDIAN! So i watched him and thought "What's the matter with me? I don't get it. There is nothing funny at all about him." Then after I learned he was a lecher and dirty old man, there was no chance that I could ever see him in a humorous light.

I too LOVE W.C. Fields and his wry, dry humor. You can look at his films today and they are just as funny as they were back in the Thirties and Forties. They were funny because he was the "Everyday man" frustrated by life's annoyances. He didn't need a film track to make him walk fast to be "funny." I can watch his films over and over again and they are as fresh and funny as the first time I've seen him. And of course a man can't be all bad who "genuinely disliked children and dogs....."


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I don't think I ever "made it" with a "trashcan" but they have always intrigued me. Of course you know what my fallback type is. :)

You got me on the paper dolls clue. That's probably what steered me to wanting to become a fashion designer.


Ron said...


You iPad (and mine) doesn't have Adobe Flash. You won't be able to comment. I like iPad but they are wanting in some areas.

Glad you enjoy my ramblings. I try to amuse.


Ron said...


Sorry you missed the quiz. Oh no, Tom Cruise is definitely NOT my favorite fruit. I was trying to be funny. I'm like you, I can also tell if I like someone from 20 paces away. You're more than 20 paces away but I can tell I like you already. I hope you are able to come to next year's Bloggerama.

That was a '62 Covair. Conked out on us during out trip too! A lemon.

I'm glad I know how to make you smile Randy. Meeting new friends is one of the reasons I blog, to expand my range. :)


Ron said...


Oh I remember DaVinci's restaurant so well. I was bowled over by how good the veal parmesan was. I never had a meal like that before. My prior restaurant experiences were Zynn's Diner and the Exton Diner. I never went to a real restaurant before Bill took me to DaVinci's.

I didn't "get" Lenny Bruce either. I was hot for Flash Gordon (Buster Crabbe) but Farley Granger was my first crush. I've always like a ripe peach. I like just about all fruit, except a raw apple. Peeled apple is alright, not with the skin on.


Ur-spo said...

This the the problem of reading blog entries 'en masse' at the end of the week - It's hard to keep up on the prolific ones like you. One needs roller skates to keep up.