Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Long Road Back

Today I got a call from my manager at the hotel. He asked if I could work tomorrow night. Could I? Of course!

Yesterday he called and asked if I could work for a few nights in April. Absolutely!

I hope the economy has begun to recover enough that we can all begin the long road back (pictured is Oyster Rocks Road leading to the Broadkill River – I took it this morning.) I have never experienced in my lifetime such a bad economy that affected so many people.

I have lived through recessions before but they never affected me. I always had a good paying job at the bank. But, I like many others of my generation were “outsourced”, “right-sized”, and “job eliminated” before we could reach our normal retirement. I was one of the fortunate few because I was able to make lateral moves throughout the rest of my career. Others, of course, were not so fortunate.

I don’t know of one person in my peer group who was able to reach normal retirement age at their long term job. Not one person. That’s saying something.

I thought I had dodge a bullet but the massive transfer of wealth that the crooks on Wall Street have been perpetuating on the American public since Reagan fired all those air traffic controllers finally caught me in their snare. I couldn’t sell my house after I had already contracted to buy another house here in Delaware. I finally did manage to sell my house but at a price much lower (28%) than I had asked. Because I didn’t sell my house for near what I had planned, I was forced to take on a mortgage on my present house. That wasn’t in my retirement plans.

Again, I am fortunate that I am able to pay for this mortgage unlike many others who were literally left out in the cold. I could pay the mortgage but didn’t leave much wiggle room in my retirement income for anything else. In fact, some months I come up short like the time I had to have car repairs.

Understandably I was quite concerned when our former president began a push to privatize Social Security, thus completing the Right Wing’s agenda of totally wiping out the middle class for their rich benefactors. The Bush Regime almost got my veteran’s benefits cut off. Little wonder that I changed my registration from being a lifetime Republican to a newly radicalized Democrat.

I have to stop myself because I feel myself going into a political rant. But I do want to say that I hope to God (and I’m not religious) that the Democrats get a pair and stand up to the Party of No who are trying to destroy Obama and the country by not supporting ANYTHING Obama proposes, including job creation.

This country needs jobs. The useless Republicans (most of whom are unpatriotic in my view because of their obstructionist policies) and the spineless Democrats need to stop their games and work together to create jobs for the great middle class of this country. I know my pleas are like pissing in the wind but there, I’ve said it.

Mark Twain was right when he said:

 “Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

I’m glad I’m going back to work.

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