Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods - Just Another Hypocrite

Tiger Woods finally came out hiding yesterday and made a statement about the ongoing scandal that now defines him.

Tiger Woods, the ultimate control freak, made his statement with invitation only “guests” of friends and family, much like those screened audiences for those George W. Bush “town hall” meetings.

He robotically read his statement (obviously written by his highly paid public relations people) with cued pauses on certain passages for dramatic effect in which he would look at the camera and attempt to well up tears and generate sympathy for himself.

Personally, I don’t care what this man does in his private life. That is his business. That he is a serial adulterer wasn’t fair to his wife or his children but that is something for them to work out in private.

Where I have the problem is his hypocrisy. I’m not a golf fan and I’ve never watched Tiger Woods play golf. I couldn’t care less about golf or Tiger Woods. But where Tiger Woods does affect me is that I have been continually assaulted by his big teethed smile for the past 15 years as the “perfect man” that I should aspire to by ads on television and magazines. Unless you have lived on another planet for the past 15 years, there was no escaping the Tiger Woods ads.

Like most people, I don’t like ads. Sure, some of them are cute and even funny but generally ads are a price one has to pay in today’s society for the privilege of being entertained.

There are actors and actresses I don’t like. I have the option to not pay my money to see their films. There are politicians I don’t like (most of them actually.) I don’t vote for them. But with someone as ubiquitous as Tiger Woods has been for the past fifteen years, I didn’t have a choice. I have lost count of the many times I’ve flipped through pages of magazines and come across his odd looking features (he is odd looking isn’t he?) with that big toothy smile and ever present Nike baseball cap featuring him in some ad for which I would never buy that product.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen him in television commercials like the one for Oldsmobile autos (I know, I know, Oldsmobile autos have been discontinued.) How many other ads have I been subjected to by this odd looking man that I am supposed to use as a role model?

Now it turns out he’s a fraud. Gee, what a surprise. Tiger Woods is right up there with the Balloon Boy, John Edwards, Mark Sanford, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, Sara Palin, and all those Republican politicians who voted against the stimulus package but who eagerly pose for pictures in their home districts next to giant checks from the government that benefit their home communities. These people are called hypocrites.

These people have no core values. These people are liars. These people are opportunists. These people are selfish. These people have no creditability. These people are frauds.

I may not have achieved what is defined as “success” in today’s rat race world. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. I may not have been born with a natural talent. But one thing I am not is a hypocrite.

Tiger Woods doesn’t have a problem because he was a serial adulterer. Tiger Woods has a problem because he allowed himself to be promoted as a paragon of virtue and to be very handsomely paid to present that fraudulent picture of himself.

To me Tiger Woods is no different than Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus, the two “singers” who were the Grammy award group Milli Vanilli. Fab and Rob were quite happy to accept the “Best New Artist of 1990.” That is until they were exposed as total frauds.

Like the curtain that was drawn back on the Wizard of Oz, Tiger Woods has been exposed as a total fraud that he is in reality.

Tiger Woods is a golfer. That’s what he should go back to. He can kiss “goodbye” those ads that have him walking on water because surely now it has been proven that Tiger Woods does not walk on water.

Goodbye Tiger. This grain of sand on the beach of life will not miss you.


G said...

What a load of bullshit. If I hear one more person say, "he is only human" I'll hurl. Well if he can't golf, he can always become a politician. What a whore.

Ron said...


I feel the same way as you do Mike. Everytime I hear "He is only human, he made a mistake." BULLSHIT! He's congenital liar. He's still lying. Tiger Woods is just going through the motions. His "apology" yesterday was the phoniest piece of crap I've seen in years. And what's even worse are the people who bought it, hook, line and sinker.
You're right, if he doesn't golf again he can always become a politician. He is a whore.


nitewrit said...


For two days I have been trying to escape this hyperventilation over Eldrick's Apology. I was at work when he made it, but every media head has been chattering over it since. My wife was angry because they even took her soaps off to discuss a totally unimportant event irrelevent to anyone's life in the real world. The media would serve us beetre if they would apply as much energy to truly examining, questioning, and verifying the matters that will effect our lives in some way.

But I haven't been able to escape him. We go out to eat and on the TV screens that line the restaurant's we frequent, there he is. At least the sound is off, but not his face.

And here I come to your Blog, as check it every day to see and read what you may have posted, and I can't escape him here either.


Lar :)

G said...

That was fun, let's do it again soon. LOL

Ron said...


I don't know. Is it me or does Tiger Woods look weird? I don't see the attraction other than the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. What a putz.


Ron said...


Tiger Woods is just another example of the enormous scam that is perpetuated upon this country every day by our useless media. We, the Great Unwashed, are fed such a load of crap everyday of our lives that when it is discovered by someone like the National Enquirer (who does deserve the Pulitzer Prize by the way for exposing that lying douche bag John Edwards as well as Tiger Woods)the media is beside itself.
I for one feel good when occasionally one of these frauds like Tiger Woods or John Edwards is exposed for the scumbags that they are. I love seeing them twist and squirm as they try to extricate themselves from the situation they put themselves in by their inability to keep their penis in their pants. Role models? Sure. Slime buckets is more like it.